Worried of " MR. R "

Result for my semester has come out, and truly it was the worst moment for me, as sudden a little "R" appear from know where, which may means
A) repair (which i do hope)
B) redoo (would be the worst choice)
Hopefully i would achieve the targer that i wanna gain for this semester Or not I'll be getting more stress up for the final sem that's going to start in the early July.

Well no matter what we could just hope for the best, and think positive.
And GUYS AND GURLS who u would know yourself, who u are..
"good luck for the REDOO session, and lets try our best to achieve with flying colors, chaiyo !!"

Damn i hate injury !!

Don't know what the hell happen to me, but truly my legs is freaking me out.
I dun know whether it has something to do with my legs muscle or my vain. But each time i walk, a pretty bad feeling burns out my legs that make's me hop with one leg.

I gotta a job in singapore tomorrow, hope my legs get fine before then.
*cross my finger*

Finally i got my very own i pod shffle. kinda cool since this is the very first apple device i ever bought, kinda slick. But quite complicated at first on using it as i have to install i tune just for it to have the ability to insert music in it.
Other then that its perfect. With the help of my Panasonic earphone that cost RM120 if i'm rite. The quality of sound is perfect, as is noise prove when i play it with the help of the earphone.

So guys, ya gotta get one ! Its totally hot, and the satisfaction rate for me is 5/5..

Working For CASH !!

Finally i can make side income during my sem break.
Been joining my dad and his friend in this job, whereby we would be helping to maintain, or move item's for freaking rich people apartment or condo in Singapore. cant believe that every place i join them for the job, surely the client would have a freaking huge swimming pool and the apartment would cost more then 1mil sing dollars "stupid rite !"
I guess Singapore apartment or or condo are quite expensive because of the less land problem. Each one client that were send to maintain and furnish i would get 50 sing Dollars, that is about RM120 which is quite a good job, and trust me the last job i want only last for 2hours, and the spare time hanging out around Singapore window shopping.

Hope i'll be getting a new job then, i'm so i need of money now !!

Don't know why, but i'm starting to miss college life so badly now.
May be because i'm not occupied at home, while during college i would have so many things to do such as bully people, hanging out, assignment, assignment and mostly assignment.

May be that's the only time i am occupied, when i have a new assignment.
How strange AM I ??
AM I a nerd ??
OR am i special with my own way ??
this question is popping in my head rite now.

What a Boring day !

Another day to surpass. Truly i have no idea what to do, provide me some suggestion cause truly its freaking me out staying at home doing crap.

I have been watching Astro for hours,checking out the net "thx to you know who for the maintainance phase on my blog, without you no one ever could post anything here"

Other, then that i have been watching this awesome movie titled "fighting" about this guy in the streets that has no life, till he was approach by someone to build up his talent in fighting to make money. Pretty awesome skills is shown, better not miss it..
"it hasn't come out in the cinema yet in malaysia"
so check out here, if your internet is quite fast to support the required speed to run it
Fighting movie

The day ended me chatting wif my old friend from facebook, where most of my old school mate's recognize em as PICKO. Truly we haven't hang out so much, and got some hot gossip that really turns me on hearing it about his pass relation, kinda funny "but well past is past bro, best to move on".

Well hopefully tomorrow be a better day that i can have fun with here !

Shopping on my break

is the only words that keep running around my head when i'm coming back home.

So here today i when out shopping with my mum, who i guess is the best person to bring along if you wanna get unbeatable discount.
We started to shop at first in Perling mall for a new watch.
Theyre were dozen of watch to choose from, and damn the price is quite eye bobbling when you look at em.
So wif my mum help i manage to buy a new casio edifice watch that cost about RM460 which is quite high quality, and damn freaking hot to me.

Moreover, once complete we had to go to jackel, where it is a store that sell good quality fabrics. Eventhough hari raye is quite ages more, but my mum had to choose the fabric for this year celebration which is 'BROWN' hope it would looks good on me though

Final Hang out Before JB

I manage to hang out for the last time with my friends before i go back 2 JB for my semester break. Which include me + hasrul (one of my bro from JB) + irfan + his girlfriend. which honestly i have no clue whats her name, cause i usually called em "nurse" well who cares ! as long i can see em get bullied by me *evil laugh*

we hang out for a hole day since i arrive at hill park, which include a trip to the mall which i forgot the name "i cant believe they never sell my N82 casing at a NOKIA shop theyre, kinda gay" + plus i got free drinks "thanks nurse, lain belanje gi ok"

Once done, hasrul pick us up, as he has some kind of business to attend in KL before"which i have no clue what it is, but we got a driver though, that's the best part"

Next we hang out at mid valley for the night to watch a movie, named "push"
I guess it was a good movie, even though i did watch it before on the net, and end the night as i slept in the car the whole way to the apartment as i have no clue what happen then, where in a blink of a second i'm back home, spooky rite.

Finally everything is gonna end today..
the struggle,
the less sleep,
the stress,
the furious feeling of not getting the rite answer, damn !!..
this is the best feeling ever, today is FINALLY the day..
FINALLY everything is gonna end..
hell yeah !!
so once the last assignment is submitted, i would like to declare it as
have fun everyone !! and don't get ya self into serious trouble then..

The previous trip that I did join with my whole housemate is to this waterfall place I guess which is called as TEKALE “that’s if I spell it rite” a pretty cooling place if you want to get closer with nature, and no worries it is leaches FREE, I guess.

We move out from home at around 2pm after Friday prayers by motorbike, and arrive they’re rite around an hour, may be its because of me cause I did get lost on the way “it’s my first time guys, don’t blame me !”. Once arrive we have to pay 1bucks each to enter the park, find a great spot and what else “open all and get wet !”

We stayed there for a couple hours swimming, chatting, and not forgetting watching at hot girls swimming around “rezeki tak baik ditolak, yang penting jangan kelip mate dah ah”

Pretty sexy aite !

I call my favorites item as my baby, truly their essential to my life. Without them, I don’t know how I would do “let’s not get into they’re” cause truly I would write thousands of words on em without a full stop to end it.

A couple of new stuff that is being added to my life started with a motorcycle truly is an important form of transportation for me to go and back from college. Without it, probably I have two options
A) Get someone to send me
B) Get my ass walking all the way “kinda crazy rite?”

Thanks to my mum and dad, they actually support me with some cash to get me a WAVE 125S bike. Even though it’s a small bike, but truly it help me a lot and YEAH !! its oil efficiency is freaking hot that totally save my expenses. The funny part I still call my bike as a VIRGIN since it hasn’t by pass its limit of 1000KM even though I’ve been using it for age’s rite (more then 6-7 months I guess), maybe i’m into caring on it so much “who wouldn’t, since it’s the first transport I ever bought” damn !!

Moreover I got a new notebook for absolutely free from the acer company in Singapore, as my previous travelmate notebook got busted because of the graphic card problem + it’s still under warranty. The only thing I remembered they told me that they couldn’t replace my graphic card that got busted on my previous notebook as they have no more stock, so because of the warranty rule or something, they would have to replace my notebook with the equivalent price of notebook that I bough before which is about 2000 sing dollars, and they’re I got a pretty awesome notebook which has 10x better ability and performance for free. So the morale of the story “Get your acer notebook and warranty in singapore”

The last item that I got that would conclude my collection of babies is the N82 black edition that I just bought to replace my old school hand phone. I choose this phone just because it has the best quality of image capture then the other entire new phone that I could see now, and I’ve heard it could beat a 8megapixel hand phone because of its xenon flash, kinda HOT rite. Finally I got a handphone that I can use to snap a dozen of picture’s with and post it here.

Everything truly changed due to time, from the start of college where I started to live at the hostel which is truly pretty hectic, staying at the flat where it happen when I was the ACCIDENTLY being kicked out as I was caught busted flying out from college during weekends without authorization. It was freaking scary though, but in time thinking about the past it was freaking funny.

I been staying with my old housemate for a couple of semester I guess, since I was in the hostel, leaving at the flat, or at a 2-storey house. Where it was quite a memorable time, since something occur that changed everything. Well the main point past is past, and who cares about them, the main point we should move on and take it as an experience. I never hate em or anything, but truly when I walk close to them or even see em it makes me wanna hate em so badly “I guess that’s life”. But guy’s, even though I have grudges on you before, truly I guess that’s all stupid stuff so hope to all the best for all of you in the future, and P.E.A.C.E.

So after the UNFORTUNATE tragedy with my previous housemate, I guess it’s time to start a new chapter of my life. So that’s when the end of last sem I move out from the house and live out with a new member. They’re kinda funny and truly more fun to hang out with. As what people said “lagi happening beb”. The usual activity that often happen is that we would staying up at in the middle of the night eating mamak’s, for ROTI NAN and TARIK in Semenyih, quite cheap and truly it give a huge blast towards your tummy when you’re done that would make you sleep in second’s when u get back to bed. We would stay there for hour’s chit chatting, or watching astro movie. Sometime’s in the afternoon we would play badminton, as most of us in the house is into DIET LIFE STYLE, by eating green apple in our daily life here, and truly it kind of work. Especially for one of my housemate named ZUL “CONGRATULATION bro, kurus Nampak !” quite an accomplishment for em.

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