Woahhhh ! I just woke up *yawn* and up to Blogging.. WHY IS THAT??
well like me give you a clue

I Like to Move It ! Move It ! We Like To Move It !

You guess it !! getting into the Madagascar 3 : Europe’s Most Wanted Mood today. Cause i had just receive 2 tickets for the premier scene by nuffnang..


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Having all 3 Malaysian telco offers revealed for the Samsung Galaxy S III, it is time for another round of plan comparison. Outright, the Samsung Galaxy S III with 16GB of storage retails for RM2,199. This time both DiGi & Maxis are offering the Galaxy S III from RM999 with 24 months contract while Celcom offer theirs from RM1,398 with 18 months. As a special promo, Celcom is offering it at a much lower RM888 to those that turn up wearing blue at their roadshow. For Maxis, their RM999 price is limited for the next 4 days at all Maxis centres.

In terms of contract duration, Maxis offers the best flexibility with 12, 18 and 24 months options while Celcom offers 12 and 18 months. DiGi this time however is offering the Galaxy S III with a single option of 24 months. It is also interesting to point out that Maxis now requires upfront payment but customers that have stayed with Maxis for more than a year are omitted from this payment. Read on for the full Galaxy S III plan comparison.

This time we have excluded the extra savings from auto debit or auto billing for a cleaner comparison. On DiGi, they are giving RM5/month rebate while Celcom offers 5% discount on your monthly bill for those that opt for auto-billing.

In terms of upfront advance payment, DiGi & Maxis credits the full amount to your first bill which you can utilise immediately to offset your bills. For Celcom, the upfront payment is rebated evenly across 12 months.


DiGi has added more plan and contract tenure choices for its Samsung Galaxy S III buddle. The operator is now offering the Galaxy S III with its DG Smart Plan 48 and DG Smart Family packages. In addition, DiGi has also added 12 months contract option for all its Samsung Galaxy S III plans where previously only a 24 months contract tenure was available. This gives more flexibility especially those that don’t want to be tied too long on contract.

In addition, DiGi is continuing its pre-order special promotion price of RM999 for Smart Plan 88 and RM1,149 for Smart Plan 68 (both with 24 months contract) for online orders and purchases at its Galaxy S III roadshow venues. DiGi said that it has allocated only a limited number of units for this promotion extension. Without the promotion, the contract pricing for the Galaxy S III is RM300 more for both plans (Smart Plan 68 Galaxy S III bundling price at RM1,499. Smart Plan 88 Galaxy S III RM1,299 with. Both with 24 months contract)

The full bundled price as follows:

DG Smart Plan 48 (12 months) – RM1,799
DG Smart Plan 48 (24 months) – RM1,649

DG Smart Plan 68 (12 months) – RM1,699
DG Smart Plan 68 (24 months) – RM1,449
DG Smart Plan 68 (24 months) – RM1,149 *Promo

DG Smart Plan 88 (12 months) – RM1,649
DG Smart Plan 88 (24 months) – RM1,299
DG Smart Plan 88 (24 months) – RM999 *Promo

DG Smart Family (12 months) – RM1,999
DG Smart Family (24 months) – RM2,099

More information, head over to DiGi’s Galaxy S III page.


Maxis has finally revealed its Samsung Galaxy S III rate plans. As revealed earlier, they are offering the flagship device from only RM999 at their Maxis Centres from 31st May until 3rd June with 24 months of 3GB data plan bolt-on.

On Maxis, they are offering the Galaxy S III with 3 contract duration of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. As usual, they are bundling it via data plan bundling of 1GB (RM48) or 3GB (RM68) on top of a postpaid plan from Value First (RM30) and above. Bundled pricing as follows:

Postpaid + 1GB (12 months) – RM1,799
Postpaid + 1GB (18 months) – RM1,699
Postpaid + 1GB (24 months) – RM1,599

Postpaid + 3GB (12 months) – RM1,699
Postpaid + 3GB (18 months) – RM1,599
Postpaid + 3GB (24 months) – RM999 (Promo)

There’s no mention how much the Galaxy S III is offered with 24 months X 3GB plan after their 4 days promo but from the looks of it, it could be somewhere between RM1,300-RM1,500. For subscribers that are with Maxis for less than a year are required to pay an advance payment between RM100-RM900 depending on contract options.

For more information, head over to Maxis Android page.


The words that can only express this movie by me is LOTS OF HOT CHICKS WITH EXTRA D SIZE "Guys you get it !" (MEN SIDE OF VIEW)

While who is into David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) sexy posture, looks and MACHO MEN STANDING, this movie be perfect for you (GIRLS SIDE OF VIEW)

Well, the movie is quite OK TO ME, not that boring.. 2/5 by me..
since there are slight part you'll get shocked "Closed eyes, MAY BE!"
and lots of funny scenes..

I still don't get the ending though how the fish can evolution to tutttttt !!


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Well it doen't mean that musical only plays slow and boring song's.. Which most teenagers would say "urghhh ! old skool.. BORING !! RITE !! I KNOW UR THINKING OF IT !!"

If i had the chance, i'll turn the beat up, and groove like step up the movie with their auwsome dance move's into a musical play.. that sure CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF OLD SKOOL TO NEW SKOOL ! that 101% would attracts not only teenagers, but also their parents at the same time.


Well lets check out , my imagination pop up into play:
  1. Background: The streets (Acting and dance move NOT ONLY be on stage, but off stage)
  2. Dance routine includes slow contempory dance routine and fast streets freestyling (SLOW + FAST = IT BE LEGENDARY!!)
  3. Song selection: 'Semisonic - Closing Time' , 'Laza Morgan - This Girl' , 'Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation (Radio Edit Remix)', 'LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem' *slow + fast song continuously added together next to next and cut to be short to manage time to be appropriate & sufficient for the slot
  4. Starting with slow move's to show the definition of love, and cotemporary to make the audience say "auwwwww !! what a soft gentle dance" (girl actor)
  5. Where else street free styling dance define the auwsomeness of the streets, as how auwsome is the new generation (guy actor)
  6. Love story between a girl (contemporary dancer) and guy (street dancer) in love.. And when both combine you'll get how great it be !! the NEW SKOOL BABY !! :)
  7. Ending must be spectacular: so best to arrange actor acting like the audience, and implement A FLASH MOB SCENE.. where people won't even specaluate it, and be shocked as how auwsome the musical play, where people would talk about it for AGES !! (Idea from the movie Friends with Benefits)
Here is some sample of flash mob in my mind..

Sony today has just unveiled the Xperia go and Xperia acro S that are both water resistant and designed for rugged use. According to Sony, the introduction of these new models is based on recent consumer demands for a durable and water resistant device. According to some study in Japan, water resistant is one of the top 3 features for smart phone buyers. Read on for the full details of each model.

Xperia Go
The Xperia Go is the smaller device among the two, that comes with a scratch resistant 3.5″ Display that pushes 480×320 pixels resolution. Powering the device is a dual-core 1GHz Novathor U8500 processor that’s also running on the Xperia P, U & Sola. It comes with 512MB of RAM with 8GB internal storage which fortunately is also expandable with microSD up to 32GB. Over at the back, there’s 5MP camera with assisted flash. Unlike the recent Xperia models, there’s no dedicated camera button but it still claims Fast Capture from the Unlock screen which can be seen in the demo video below.

Being a rugged and wet usage device, it also features wet finger tracking, a feature that’s introduced on the earlier Xperia active which allows usability even with wet fingers. The water and dust resistant levels of the Xperia go is rated at IP67, which similar to its previous Xperia active. The Xperia go is powered by a built-in 1,305mAh battery and is available in 3 colours – Black, White & Yellow.

Xperia acro S
The Xperia acro S is a higher end water resistant smart phone that features Xperia S-like specification. It features the same a 4.3″ 1280×720 HD display but enhanced with wet finger tracking. Other similarities include a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 12MP camera with 1080p support and 1GB of RAM. On board there’s only 2GB of storage but it is also expandable with microSD up to 32GB. Over at the front, there’s a 1.3MP camera that supports 720p recording.

The Xperia acro S is 11.9mm thick and weighs 147 grams. As comparison the Xperia S is 10.6mm thick and weighs 144grams. In terms of water and dust resistance, the Xperia acro S is rated at IP55/IP57, which is lower than the Xperia go. Powering the device is a generous 1,910mAh battery based on the specs written in their whitepaper. It comes in Black, White and Pink. Head over to the Xperia acro S page for more info.

So far no details on local availability of both devices. Usually rugged devices with waterproof capabilities are often in low-mid range hardware. However with the Xperia acro S, this might be a rugged device that would appeal for power users.


Google’s $199 “Nexus tablet“, that we first reported on back in March, appeared online this week in Rightware’s Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji benchmark test. Most of the details revealed in the benchmark match up with what was previous reported. The device will be made by ASUS, feature a 7-inch display with 1280×768 resolution, and use NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

What’s new in this benchmark result is the Android version 4.1. Rightware tells us this is the only device they have ever seen to include Android 4.1. The device also featured a software build number JRN51B, which is important because J represents Jelly Bean.

The device also has the model name listed as “Nexus 7″, which could be the final product name.

Some of us had speculated that Jelly Bean would be a major release and become Android 5.0, but this new evidence suggest it will be more of a minor update and be labeled Android 4.1. We reached out to a second source who claims to have seen the Nexus tablet, and they also said it was running Android 4.1.

Details are still limited, but we are told that Android 4.1 will feature a user experience very similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The device will feature multiple home screens that are dedicated to different types of content (music, movies, books, etc).

We are just a month away from Google IO, when this “Nexus tablet” is expected to be revealed, so look for more details to leak over the coming weeks.


Many of us are waiting the Upcoming Batman Movie this summer "Dark Knight Rises", Meanwhile, Nokia has just Officially announced LUMIA 900 Dark Knight Rises Edition. Costing around £599.99 Sim-free or free on a £31 per month contract the Dark Knight Rises edition boasts the same specs as the originaly Lumia 900 specifications but instead comes with a laser-etched bat logo on the back.

Inside you'll also find a limited edition black and grey theme along with the exclusive Dark Knight Rises app keeping you up to date on all the latest news, images and exclusive trailers.

You'll also get the chance to take part in the Exclusive game "Claim Gotham City" where you'll have to choose to become either Batman or Bane and then retake the city by checking into real life locations.


Woahhhhhhhhh !! a shocking discovery today as i was printing my final year project, an a email pop up with the words

"You are cordially invited to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Prometheus"


The venue and date is stated below:
Date: 4th June 2012 (Monday)
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: GSC 1 Utama

Well THANKS AGAIN TO NUFFNANG, words of wisdome for you guys:


How auwsome is that, i'll be bringing one of my classmate along Hood kamil so see all the nuffies there again.

Lets check out the trailer, two keep my excitement coming:

Looks like a leaked pic has surfaced on the Internet which shows the Samsung Galaxy S3 Plans from Maxis, the last player to come out with their plans for the phone. The picture was not on their Facebook or twitter at the time of publishing so there is always that question of legitimacy.

The offer states that Maxis users can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 for a cool RM999 on a 3GB plan at RM68 per month for 24 months which is aligned somewhat with the DiGi Smart Plan 88 deal. On top of that, you'll get 25GB of space on Loker (The Maxis cloud based storage) free! For postpaid customers who have been with Maxis for less than a year, you will need an advance payment of RM900 and that amount will be credited back to your account immediately.


While we’re waiting for Maxis to finalize and show us their Samsung Galaxy S III pricing, here’s a comparison of what Celcom and DiGi have to offer. Both telcos offer a very different plan with different value added services that sets them further apart from one another. Do note that DiGi’s plan is only applicable until today and they might increase it like they did with the Galaxy Nexus when it was first launched.


Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah ! All of you must be asking, how was the movie dude??

Well, it was great.. Not spectacular or perfect, but i can give 4/5 stars for it's awesome animation and storyline..

As yeah, before you're watching it.. U'll probably know the storyline from fairy tale books.. It's the same, with a pinch of actions flicks, jokes and lots of fairy tale creature's as well

"Can't believe that there are deer with tree branches as horn, how auwsome is that"

The best character in the movie for me is the dwarf.. They are totally hilarious in the movie.. With their great fighting scene kicking soldier ass..


Thats for me today, looking forwards for tomorrow premier of piranha 3DD, i know they'll be lots of blood in the scene though with HOT BABES in BIKINIS !

This all is a reality THANKS TO NUFFNANG !!

so what are you waiting for, check out their new madagascar 3 competition here

As we approach WWDC 2012 in a couple of weeks, more and more iPhone rumours are starting to come out of the woodwork. The latest of which, shows what looks to be the backplate design for the upcoming iPhone. The part appears to support a popular rumour that the new iPhone featuring an elongated body that is supposedly designed to accommodate a larger screen – around the 4-inch region.

The case – which looks to be machined from a single piece of metal alloy – also shows a redesigned dock connector that’s smaller and rounder than the long-standing connector that you see in the current crop of iDevices. The casing also shows the 3.5mm earphone jack relocated to the bottom part. The bottom also sees a pair of unsightly speaker holes.

All these are of course still rumours at the moment but expect to see more and more to come up as we get close and close to June 11. Meanwhile, we don’t think the casing you see here is the real deal. It lacks the detailed in design that make Apple products so desirable. We could be wrong but the pictures just to look right.


Gaming peripherals used to be associated with steep price tag but with their ever increasing popularity, you can found “gaming-grade” peripherals at much lower price range as more and more manufacturer have entered the market with their own gaming peripherals. One of them is Sensonic who recently has introduced a brand new gaming mouse called Orthros II into the market.

At a glance, the Orthros II seems to meet the basic standard of gaming mouse with its optimized body shape (sorry left-handed users, Orthros II is designed for right-handed gamers), an optical sensor with considerably good DPI level at 2400, on-the-fly DPI switcher, Teflon mouse feet and switchable response time of up to 1000 Hz. The gaming mouse is also equipped with braided cable for durability and ferrite bead to help suppress any high frequency noise that appears in its circuitry.

While it is hard to judge a gaming mouse just by skimming through photos and specifications sheet, the Orthros II also comes with something that might made it very attractive to consumers: its listed price tag of RM 49. To learn more about the new Sensonic Orthros II Gaming Mouse, check with your favorite IT retailers or visitwww.sensonic-global.com.


After keeping it under blanket for quite some time (remember our little sneak peak last month?), AMD has finally annoucned its next generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) - previously codenamed Trinity – to the world recently. For those who are not familiar with the APU term, think of it as a combination of CPU and graphics processor (GPU) on one single processor.
Available in dual and quad-core models with 17W, 25W and 35W thermal design power (TDP) variations, the new second generation AMD A-Series APU features the new AMD’s 32nm “Piledriver” CPU cores that are paired together with the DirectX 11-capable AMD Radeon HD 7000 series GPU. We will be discussing about the new APU in coming days but first, we would like to show you its gaming capability through our little demo here with Battlefield 3:

The second generation AMD A-Series APU reference notebook that we used above is powered by the quad-core 2.3GHz AMD A10-4600M APU which is the highest-end second generation A-Series APU at launch which is equipped with AMD Radeon HD 7660G GPU that is integrated into the same die. Do note that the notebook that we used here is a test notebook and it doesn’t reflect the actual design of Trinity-based notebooks that are coming to market from various OEMs throughout the globe pretty soon.


The India ICS update is Coming in May, Samsung has finally started rolling out the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update in India. You can get the Update via Kies, it's about 220 MB.

Indians users being waiting for the Update since last december when sAmsung announced it will roll-out the ICS update for Galaxy S2 Devices, Samsung India already started shipping Galaxy S2 with ICS pre-installed in India earlier this month.

HTC Sensation XL Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 Update is currently Rolling-out to all unlocked Sensation XL devices. As you can notice from the screenshots above, the smartphone gets updated to ICS version 4.0.3 along with HTC Sense 3.6. That's pretty nice treatment for a device, whose hardware is a bit far from being cutting edge even by last year's standards. To Update, Connect you XL device to Wifi and you will get a System Update Notification, Click Update and ENJOY!

If you followed the global unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S III earlier this month, you might able to recall that Samsung actually announced quite a number of accessories for the device during the event. Three of them were featured at the Malaysian Galaxy SIII unveiling event last week: AllShare Cast wireless dongle, a USB-based desktop dock and flip cover.

The most unique accessories out of those three is probably the AllShare Cast dongle which enables Samsung Galaxy S III owners to wirelessly display contents – up to 1080p Full HD resolution - from their device to a bigger HDMI-based display. On another hand, the USB desktop dock acts as a charger and can actually fit a number of Samsung’s older smartphones such as Galaxy S II. Users can also plug in an audio speaker to the dock via the audio out port on its back.

As for the Galaxy III flip cover...well, it’s rather self-explanatory product and doesn’t really come with any extra functions other than to provide physical protection for Galaxy S III.


You might have already sensed that the Nokia Lumia 900 is about to land in Malaysia very soon if it is not already obvious enough from all the hints that Nokia Malaysia have been throwing around including a chance to win the very device itself specially for you Android and iPhone owners out there. That being said, how about the actual date?

Just like you, we have been asking the same question since the day it was announced at MWC’12 few months ago that the non-LTE Nokia Lumia 900 (as opposed to the one announced at CES’12) will be released throughout the world. Well, according to a number of our reputable sources, the new Nokia Lumia 900 will be available in Malaysia starting from June onwards.

It is unfortunate that we can’t actually show the hard proof to you guys but the news is not really surprising to us especially judging by the fact that Lumia 900 is already on sale in Singapore since last weekend. Nevertheless, we will keep you posted as soon as we heard any updates or better still, an official confirmation from Nokia Malaysia themselves.


With the full availability of Samsung Galaxy S III drawing near, Celcom has finally revealed its bundled pricing for Samsung’s flagship smart phone. The Galaxy S III can be yours this Thursday from RM1,398. The outright price is RM2,199 for the 16GB version.

On Celcom, it is offered with a shorter choice of 12 months and 18 months contract with Celcom Exec 50 with 1GB data, 3GB data and Celcom Exec 250 which comes with 5GB of data. As comparison, DiGi is offering only 24 months contract duration, which isn’t ideal for those that don’t want to be tied for long duration. More details of Celcom Galaxy S III plan here.

Earlier this morning, @baliriot has alerted that Celcom is doing another special launch promo where the Galaxy S III can be yours for only RM888. The condition is that you’ll need to wear blue at their roadshow event to be entitled. It is also likely to be tied with a contract as well.


Another day goes, as i wake up from bed EXTRA LATE as it's weekend "WHO WOULD'T !"
Check out my phone for any update on android market and a email pop up on my yahoo account.
Thought it was another dumb spam, but its something that really makes my day with a HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE..
As i was invited for the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Snow White and The Huntsman on the place and date stated below:

Date: 29th May 2012 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

And yeah, what a shock.. Two movie's in a row.. for Piranha 3DD on 30 May 2012, and Snow White and The Huntsman on the day before..




So guys and girls, nuffnang doesn't only provide extra income for us. But free tickets at the same time..
So give it a try for the next movie that is coming up on Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, or any bloggers who wanna sign up for nuffnang check up here

Give it your best, and who knows it be your turn next :)

So see you later on the premier nuffies, looking forward to see you guys again..

Lets check out the trailer

Motorola’s first Android 4.0 updates have yet to roll out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get an official look at what the Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Motorola RAZR will look like. Motorola Japan has put up an Android 4.0 page on its site, giving consumers a preview of Motorola’s Android 4.0 customizations and the new Webtop 3.0 UI.

We’ve seen several leaks of Moto’s ICS build in the past, and it doesn’t look like much has changed. Last time we checked, the Verizon DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX were scheduled to receive their Android 4.0 update before the end of Q2. That gives Motorola roughly five more weeks to deliver the update. Once the RAZR is updated to Android 4.0, updates for the BIONIC, ATRIX and DROID 4 should trickle out in quick succession.


DiGi has started taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The operator puts the recommended retail price of the device at RM2,199, slightly above our RM2,100 price prediction. The Galaxy S III is available from DiGi for as low as RM999 — as the earlier clues suggest — with a 24-months contract.

This time around they are only offering DiGi Smart Plan 68 and 88 with only 24 months contract duration. Bundled pricing as follows:

DG Smart Plan 68 (24 months) – RM1,149
DG Smart Plan 88 (24 months) – RM999

In addition to the pre-order, DiGi has also confirmed its roadshow locations to promote the market launch of the latest and greatest smartphone from Samsung and it looks like gadget fans in Johor Bahru and Penang will be able to get in on the action as well.

Following DiGi’s pre-order, we’re expecting Celcom and Maxis to show their cards in the coming days as well. From what we know, the planned May 31 market availability of the Galaxy S III is still solid, so we don’t expect operators to make the device available earlier than that. But if you do see original Samsung Galaxy S III units on sale before May 31, do let us know.

In the meantime, head on over to DiGi Store Online for full details on their Galaxy S III offerings.


So you've decided that it's time to make a tablet part of your life, but a lack of star-spangled slabs has prompted you to defer the purchase. Malaysians now face no such dilemma, due in no small part to the 1Malasyia Pad -- the country's first branded tab. The 1Mpad will reportedly soon be marketed to students (1.4 million of them, in fact), but 5,000 of the 7-inch Gingerbread devices are now being offered up to deep-pocketed locals, priced online at a rather-ambitious 999 Malaysian ringgits (about $315). Manufactured by MalTechPro Sdn Bhd, the 1Mpad will be offered to students at a to-be-determined discounted rate, making it the first such device to be available using a student discount card. At its current high list price, the tablet doesn't appear to be a fantastic deal, shipping with 3G broadband and the 1Malaysia Messenger application, which will serve as an IM service of sorts for sending text, pictures, video and voice recording to other 1Mpad owners. Still, if you have the cash to spare for an early taste of what Malaysian students may some day be using to surf the web, you can hit up the source link after the break for a bit more info.


The Sony Xperia S will be getting its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update sometime in end June. If you can’t wait to have a peek, Thailand based SonyXP.com has managed to get their hands on a Xperia S running on the latest Android 4.0.

The first thing you’ll notice is the lock screen how has a slide to camera, which gives you direct access to the camera mode. This seems redundant as one can easily access the camera through Fast Capture mode via dedicated camera button. As expected, some UI has been redesigned for ICS but it still retains the clean and sleek Sony look and feel. Other notable difference include a revamped media gallery and music player. Overall, there’s no drastic changes in terms of home screen and app listing, and that’s a good thing for consistent user experience.


The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in 5 days time with contract bundling from Maxis, Celcom & DiGi. While the official price is still a mystery, it appears that DiGi has started sharing its contracted Galaxy S III price from as low as RM999. This was discovered in the twittersphere where churpchurp users began promoting the pre-registration with its starting price of RM999 with free delivery.

The RM999 bundled price is likely to be tied with a 24 months contract of DG Smart Plan 88 with 5GB/month data, however it is unclear if this is a limited time promo at the roadshows. The Galaxy S III at RM999 is rather affordable when compared to its bundled pricing of Galaxy Nexus from RM1,049 and Galaxy Note from RM1,149 at the DiGi Store Online.


HTC was at the forefront back in 2010, a time when HTC Desire and Nexus One was highly sought after models for Android smart phones. Last year, they faced a huge challenge from Samsung starting with its flagship Galaxy S II. Since then, Samsung has been releasing a model for almost every market segments imaginable. The last flagship device from HTC, the Sensation and Sensation XE didn’t manage to cut through the clutter and HTC has been struggling to keep up with the competition.

This year, HTC is set to make a comeback with its HTC One Series. Its current flagship model the HTC One X is powered by a 1.5GHz Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM with 32GB of onboard storage and runs on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Acknowledging the trend of going bigger with display, the One X features a 4.7” Super LCD2 display that pushes 1280×720 pixels resolution.

Powering the device is a 1,800mAh battery which HTC claims to offer 60% improved performance over its predecessor models. Like most new smart phone models today, the One X comes with a unibody polycarbonate design which unfortunately means no user-replaceable battery and expandable microSD memory.

HTC One X Exterior Design Review
Over at the front there’s a 1.3MP front facing camera and there’s also a hidden notification LED underneath the micro holes of the earpiece. Although this makes the design cleaner, it is actually hard to notice in outdoor sunny conditions. It would probably be better if they have a dedicated LED under the glass for better visibility.

The overall polycarbonate body is rather solid and we like the design of its curved back. In the hands, it feels rather large, a little too big for our liking and it isn’t really practical for single handed operation. The 8MP camera stands out like a sore thumb with its protruding camera lens at the back. This makes it very vulnerable to damage or scratches when placed on the table, so we would recommend a case to offer some protection at the back.

While the back surface is predominately matte, the side uses a glossy white finish that looks rather cheap. The power button and volume rocker keys appear to be made by same materials as your plastic spoons and it lacks the desired tactile feel. This could be due to the colour and the sides would probably be better looking with the black version. You can check out our hands-on video of the HTC One X for a clear look at the design.

HTC One X Display Review
The display on the One X is probably the best we’ve seen so far. The first time we lay eyes on it, we can’t help to notice how the images tend to appear as if it’s on top, rather than being under the glass. At medium to full brightness, it just looks absolutely stunning with no signs of colour degradation when tilted sideways.

When showed among our peers, we’ve gotten a couple of comments on how the display looked like a dummy phone with sticker “display” instead of a typical live screen. It also features 3D gorilla glass that curves at edges which exaggerate the illusion further that the display is floating. It is hard to describe this in words but you’ve got to see it yourself to understand what we mean. In terms of colours, the HTC One X looks warm with strong saturation and brightness. As comparison, the typical Super AMOLED displays tend to have a blue-ish hue.

HTC One X Sense 4.0 UI Review
Running on Android 4.0.3, the HTC One X it is lightly skin with HTC Sense 4.0. It still retain our favourite unlock screen with shortcuts to camera and core apps. We also liked how you can customise your unlock screen to display additional info such as your friend social feeds, weather, stocks or notifications. Under the Android notifications bar, they have done away with the recent apps list which gives you more display space for actual notifications.

On top of the Ice Cream Sandwich interface, there is some additional customisation from HTC. With the default Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich task manager, normally you’ll see a vertical thumbnail carousel of recent apps. However on the One X, HTC has customised the look with a large horizontal thumbnail gallery of recent apps. To kill a task, you’ll need to swipe the app thumbnail upwards.

Although this looks impressive, we rather have the plain vanila ICS version. HTC’s task manager displays only one app at a time which makes it cumbersome to jump between apps quickly. We can foresee avid multi-taskers finding this frustrating. Unfortunately there’s no way to switch this off and it is interesting to note that the HTC One V uses the much preferred original ICS recent apps interface.

In terms of performance, the HTC One X is buttery smooth thanks to its quad core processor. There’s no major lag to report but somehow we felt that the home page interface could have been smoother if it doesn’t use a 3D flow transition between panels. The apps listing is now scrolled from left to right, instead of top to bottom fashion on earlier HTCs.

HTC One X Camera Review
The camera of the HTC One X is one of its key highlights with ImageSense. In terms of interface, this is one of the easiest we’ve seen to date and the ability to take a picture or video immediately on the same screen is nice touch. The HTC One X capable of shooting burst mode at 4 frames per second up to 99 continuous shots. Obviously in darker conditions where flash is required, the 4FPS burst mode won’t work.

The shutter button is incredibly responsive with no hesitation at all and the shutter sound really gives you the assured feeling that this is a snappy shooter. No doubt it puts the famed Galaxy Nexus Zero Shutter Lag to shame when it comes to sheer speed.

However in our sleep to snap test, the Sony Xperia S is still the fastest with its Fast Capture feature and dedicated hardware button. Since HTC is banging on its camera, they should have included a dedicated button for camera on the One X. In terms of quality, the One X photos are pretty good and most photos taken outdoors appear incredibly sharp, to some extent sharper than Xperia S. In low light conditions, the One X tends to be noisier than the Xperia S.

HTC One X Video Review

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