Rite at 12 midnight i manage to call up my dad, and wish em a happy birthday. As he does deserve it for being a cool dad, and understanding as truly he has been they're for me during good and bad time's. Totally i gotta get something special for him when i get back, i wonder what should it be. The thing that is in my mind now is:
1) A new watch
2) Polo shoes
3) A new hand phone
4) blurring..
5) blurring even more..
6) Help me everyone.... I'm kinda sucking here is getting a great pressie for my dad.

Thanks for being a special dad, and hopefully one day i can make you proud of me for being your son.


Truly i don't know what's up with me tonight, i don't even feel restless or exhausted today. Been trying laying down hoping that i when to sleep, and get me into the dream world where i could see hot chicks shouting and running around me doing WHO KNOWS WHATS!
But shit happens and i don't think i would manage to sleep early today. So what else could i do, as everyone is asleep, and i'm sure my gurl would be cuddling her huge snoopy now.
Damn bored !
List of what i have been doing before:
1) Going to the mamak's for a late night drink
2) Playing around with my assignment (UPP system) hoping i can update it to version 5.02
3) Clicking up nuff ads for replies on the chat box
4) Learning some new tricks how to create a virus by using the computer prom on the NOTEPAD, woooooooo !! can't wait to try it out
5) AND NOW posting this NEW POST

Got class tomorrow, i'm sure i'll be sleeping in it then..

Ha3.. time to post out a new video clip, that damn i'm so into..
Presenting Starstrukk + Katy perry = Star Struckk

Ha3.. Truly i dun have a clue what the f*ck that i'm going to write on today. So here it goes..

The thing that kept me so pump up, be they're for me during good and bad time's "with my freaking assignment" all this while. Keeping me concentrate, and let me rest in piece with my mind, as ideas kept pumping in my brain, is my OLD TABLE.
I've been in LOVE with it since i lay my eyes on it the first time at IKEA, "sexy white skin, gorgeous drawers that kept me all day long opening or closing, ahhh !! hunny i love u, he3"and we have been together for 2 1/2 years. Sure they're are good and bad memories together, but it would never last lost as age is never at our side.
Its getting older, as human skin do wrinkles due to time, but my BIG baby kept rusting and shredding, i guess its time for it to go.
This would be the last semester where we would be together, and theyre were apart with our own journey.
Going to miss u darling, and thank you for everything.

To my darling,

Been struggling for my final project report for days, as i have to meet and check up with the lecturer, i guess more the 5 time's including today. Truly finally i'm feeling a bit better knowing that DFD flow for the system is finally rite, that cool's me off a bit so i can continue to the next step.
The only problem i have now is the damn decision table, as i guess i have restart a new one, as the previous one just got f*ck up, as its not suitable according to the rule that provided "who the f*ck create this shit"
May be some of u wont understand what i'm babbling about rite.
He3, well i just hope everything goes up well before the estimate time to present and submit it.
Hope god have mercy on me.

My future CATS !


know how to owned in any game's, and kick ass
know how to beg for food, or apologies for shitting
know how to sing in solo, and get to KITTY IDOL
know how to become a GREAT spy
know how to have a good time
be a N0.1 chick magnet, and know how to do its THING

Copa award night.

Copa award night is held once a year, for the special student that do achieve the best result for every semester, and 3.00 GPA and above. This is like a congratulation celebration for all of our achievement and hard work, which includes privilege's and award that includes:
1) Certificate according to our result and achievement
2) Fame walking on the stage, that i guess theyre are couple of steps that has to be followed
3) FREE FOOD (Damn nice 'nasi minyak')
4) $$$ "You know what i mean" he3

For the UMAHNO23 member's, two person was awarded which is me, and mizi (skeletor). The event started at 6.30pm and ended at around 10pm with a full stomach, and THIRST, as truly i cant believe that the drinks that is provided is not enough for everyone, and truly that sucks.

So for all the person who do achieve the award, i would like to say CONGRATULATION, and do try your best for future events.

Window 7 is finally out !!

Microsoft Corp launched Windows 7 today in its most important release for more than a decade, aiming to win back customers after the disappointing Vista and strengthen its grip on the PC market, THAT DO INCLUDES ME. The world's largest software company, which powers more than 90percent of personal computers, has received good reviews for the new operating system, which it hopes will grab back the impetus in new technology from rivals Apple Inc and Google Inc.

Truly i test the RC version previously, and damn its so HOT and perfect, with the new sleek design and better performance.

Gotta get em !!

This blog is dedicated for the UMAHNO23 members, where by includes all the blogger of our house members sharing ideas, experience, and funny stories about our life in this house as a student of the KPMB (no 23 bandar tasik kesuma beranang selangor).
So do check it out, and follow up with our blog, as there's something cool and funny presented every day.

Today they're is going to be a 'raptai' thingy, which i dun have the exact word for it in English that is like test run for the tomorrow event, which is a congratulation for all the COPA student's. Truly i think its a bad idea, because:

1) I'm going to act like a freaking robot on stage (Act freaking innocent)
2) Need to look extra smart (Fuck i'm aint cutting my hair + i look worst smart)
3) THE WORST: Need to wear a BATIK formal clothing "Even normal formal clothing i'm not so into, sure batik would be worst, damn i'm so going to look so FUGLY then on stage"


Some women make a habit of withholding sex from their partners, while some only do it under very specific circumstances. To men, this seems like CRUEL and unusual PUNISHMENT “rite guys!!” When a woman withholds sex, she’s trying to send a message. Here are some of the reasons she might cut you off and what you can do about it, better note this up.

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No hard feelings girl's, and do provide opinion if I'm rite okeyh.

1- She's no longer as needy

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Woke up at 10.00am, and slept back as i was to exhausted i guess, till 1pm where i was force to wake up because of hunger to find food, thanks to mizi free bun, i manage to get something in for the day, i owe ya one :p
Well the day start with my usual chore's which is wash up my laundries, and secondly the most IMPORTANT is to wash my bike, as i guess i didnt wash it last week that make it less attractive to my eyes. Cleanliness is an important factor to a rider like me he3.
Once all the chore's is done, i sat up infront of the computer for hours finding way how to hack and get another to navigator software in my phone which is the Ndrive, and Garmin navigator software, as previously i manage to hack the OVI nokia maps navigator which sounded kinda cool with the voice showing us where to go. For now all i manage to install is the Ndrive, while for the Garmin is quite complicated as i need a memory card ready for my SDmemory + updating for the Ndrive maps does also need the same thing, as i couldn't find the location for my house now as the Malaysia map is not updated.
After giving up because of the less hardware problem, i just continue with my assignment which is to complete the sevice level agreement letter, just hope i get it rite.
I wonder what are you all up to today? keep me inform.

Nothing else to do then sitting at home for hours stressing up with our assignment. Finally we made a conclusion to have a break and just chill out a the club near Semenyih to have fun, and the most important part to get some aggressive shaping up time hopefully to get a sexy figure when it ends wohooooooo !
As usual i'll stay in the gym for hour's, not sure why. But truly i've been so addicted to it, while the other bro's go for a freaking long deep. AND THE THING THAT FASCINATE me ZUL can actually dive or should i say FLOAT for a freaking long time and distance, truly its a MIRACLE. I'm sure non of us could ever challenge his ability, as truly from the top u could see like a boat floating straight up with full speed, while IJAT has some problem, where by he is floating a slight side ways, may be that's why its in stable and make him a flood at a shorter time. Better try again BRO, and learn from the PRO ZUL :p

Once done, we all when to tesco to get something to fill our tummy on after a long day, and truly my toungue was burning like f*ck as the gravy is SO FREAKING HOT !
I'm sure all of us had a freaking fun, day with a long time at the club, and come back home with a full tummy. Dunno if i get fat back after eating all that, after the gym session woishhhh !! ^^'

Swimming session with the UMAHNO23 members

TESCO eating session..

Check out the UMAHNO23 SEXY VIDEO for all the hot ladies out they're, here is the hot HUNKS flashing up at the pool

Well since it has been age's since the last i updated on the information where i did hang out and event that i did join.
So here is a slight list as where did i go, to kinda loose up my stress and have fun till now.

1) Miss haiza wedding (Continued a fun day in Melaka)

2) The club almost everyday (Most of it the pool picture's)

3) TECHcom day at the college

HYPE with sports.

Been so hype with sports lately to get myself in shape again. Truly i got a feeling that i'm starting to increase my weight before this that let me up wif conclusion that ACTION HAS TO BE TAKEN. So daily trip to the club that is situated near to my area, about 15minute's drive with my bike that provide proper gym and swimming pool to support my daily sporting trend to get myself fit again.
Everyday me and my housemate would go they're just to bust lots of sweat and energy hoping that it would provide a pretty satisfactory affect in the end, just hope then.
So hope everything goes well, while for the KPMB student's, why don't you check out the place, as it is situated near to tesco by the way.

Presenting my adorable cuddly and FREAKING lovely bubuu..
Well guys she is still new in the blogging life, well hope to add her up and get to know her, as truly she is a sweet and lovely person, that i'm so into and adore so much.
PLUS SHE IS A NO.1 ELMO FAN, kinda cute aite.
So lets get to know more and more, and make more new friends.
CYG DIEWK !! auwwwww :p
Teddy Bubu blog

Been so stress up with the build of the system for my final semester assignment.
Overall i guess this is the most hacting semester, as to many thing kept rolling in my head, when i get so freaking stress up when i'm unable to complete something, such as a ERROR pop up, where i would sit infront of the computer for hours till i manage to get a solution to solve the problem.
Hopefully before the ending time period i would manage to do it..
And complete it perfectly..
Just HOPE !!

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