This blog is dedicated for the UMAHNO23 members, where by includes all the blogger of our house members sharing ideas, experience, and funny stories about our life in this house as a student of the KPMB (no 23 bandar tasik kesuma beranang selangor).
So do check it out, and follow up with our blog, as there's something cool and funny presented every day.

Today they're is going to be a 'raptai' thingy, which i dun have the exact word for it in English that is like test run for the tomorrow event, which is a congratulation for all the COPA student's. Truly i think its a bad idea, because:

1) I'm going to act like a freaking robot on stage (Act freaking innocent)
2) Need to look extra smart (Fuck i'm aint cutting my hair + i look worst smart)
3) THE WORST: Need to wear a BATIK formal clothing "Even normal formal clothing i'm not so into, sure batik would be worst, damn i'm so going to look so FUGLY then on stage"



  1. -N e Y r A- said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. -N e Y r A- said...

    umahno23 is kind of interesting blog to read.

    *my fren la yg komen ckp best.

    congratulations to all COPA students.

    and of course congrats to both of us.haha!

    u must look smart. cut ur hair, NOW. hahaha

    thanks god, tak jadi pakai kain batik. eh bukan. baju batik :P  

  3. Syed Salleh said...

    dream on weyhhh !
    i prefer the way i am on stage..
    and who the fuck care's bout smart :p  

  4. BUBuu said...

    congrats nerdy!!! ;p  

  5. BUBuu said...

    amik pix byk2! suh mizi record vid skali.. ;p  

  6. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. jgn risau :p
    mizi ambik byk2 oteyhh !!  

  7. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. jgn risau :p
    mizi ambik byk2 oteyhh !!  

  8. BUBuu said...

    oteyh.. jap gi ciap cute2! ;)
    ouh ya! dun 4get ur glasses..  

  9. Syed Salleh said...

    tak pakai ah b, damn ! :p  

  10. -N e Y r A- said...


    abg sangat kelihatan poyo malam itu. *bangga siot*  

  11. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. yewk ah..
    dah tak biase pakai 2..
    plus i'm the last HND student dkt line..  

  12. Anonymous said...

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