For future dads & moms

For all future dad's and mom's better start learning from basic on
on the do's and dont's on taking care of a child.
Cause truly some of the tutorial is f*cking stupid.
PS : click to in large the pix

It has been so long..

Damn !! it feels like age's the last i updated this blog.
I guess its cause because of being busy to busy with the raya holiday.
And enjoying the time with my family and friends at my hometown.
Truly missed the time, wish i could freeze time and repeat the holiday again and again, just to prevent from continuing the stressful time doing assignment, and sitting the quiz es that's going to pop up in time on my final semester.
Hope i'll get my ass ready by then.
By the way i would like to wish a very happy raya or should i say happy eid mubarak to all my friends, family, and fellow bro's out they're.

I've been finding other option in using the new kapersky internet security 2010,
without installing any patch, or changing the key often if its being blacklisted.

So the best way that i'm using NOW, is by installing the new version of the kapersky internet security 2010, and change it to beta by modifying the registry.
As i heard that once you're using the beta version, the 30days activation could be done by just clicking "activate beta" again and again, so i don't have to waste time finding other option or key's once it has been expired.

I've try it out, and NO worries, no trial pop up would appear, and it works like the full version.

Inform me if you guys need help

1. Download and install Kaspersky (Activate with a Trial License)
2. Go to Kaspersky’s settings, click Options, and untick Enable Self-Defence
3. Exit Kaspersky
4. Go to Start, run, then type regedit and press enter
5. Press CTRL+F and type in ProductStatus and hit enter
6. Double click ProductStatus and change Release to Beta (it may say Trial instead of Release)
7. Press OK then open Kaspersky.
8. Tick Activate beta license then press Next and Finish
9. Re-enable Self-Defence.
10. Every 30 days Kaspersky will ask for a license, simply click Activate Beta and boom you’re good to go

Select install version here

The 4 most stupid Japanese video that actually make's me laugh like hell watching it.
Lets check out if you guys and girls can handle this.
If u can do inform me,
cause truly i cant stop laughing while watching this shit !

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