I've finally updated the browser, with some extra links to replace the repetition of site, with news shortcut on news paper such as google news, new straits time news, berita harian news, and sinchew news.
Anyway this is my baby bubuu edition, as she is so into elmo.
So hope you like it love :p

Finally i have time to upgrade my google browser to version 2, with the icon below to provide much more understanding and shortcut to some selected site that often people go through such as myspace, friendster, and facebook.
The best part shortcut for yahoo and hotmail is also provided on this edition that would immediate link the user to the login page towards the selected email account.
So no more typing guys Y.A.H.O.O. .. M.A.I.L or H.O.T.M.A.I.L .. M.A.I.L on the google browser.
Picasa and blogger link is also provided for the blogger user, as this is the two site that i often use in updating my blog, so hope it provide help to everyone and blogger out they're.

By the way, do provide support ! And give opinion on the future upgrade that could help me, tq.

Linkage for my flamix browser : http://world4google.blogspot.com/

My new pet ! ^^

Pretty cute rite.. They're so fucking adorable 2 me !!
Still thinking for a name, 1 male, and the other is female.
Any suggestion?

This is a entry given to show how much a blogger do support and show commitment to some one that is truly in need. As we all are responsible as a blogger friend, to provide hope and help towards others during good and bad time's. So as a one malaysian, and 1 blogger lets give some support together.

On of our blogger friend name en. megat, is in need of help so everyone would place the ribbon that is diplayed on the above, to show their support.

For every blog that is listed would provide a RM1 donation towards our blogger friend.

More stories on the event could be seen here : Tangisan Aku, Isteri dan Anak-anak

Make it or not?

I've been struggling since the starting of my new sem in KMPB hoping that everything would go great, as my target since the first time i set into the college is to make it into overseas, with a full scholarship as i'm taking a course that is know as a HND which i heard its between the degree and diploma qualification in UK standard. And finally it all END'S.
I hope that the target that i hope for would be a reality, as waiting for the final result is pretty scary. If i never achieve the CGPA that is needed which is above 3.75, else the dreams that i hope for would go down to the drain.
And damn i hate that shit, to ever occur !

So here goes, just wait and see as how the final transcript result would pop up.
Good luck 2 ya 2 guys !

Do give me a slight information on what movie or tv series that you would like me to post up on the blog?

Reply me up with the answer guys :)

Kasi ah information bagi cerite series or movie "yang lame2 pown tak kesah" yang korang nak tengok, and orang try carik kan insyallah.

So kasi jawapan korang dekat post okeyh :)

P.S preferable english series or movies "Cerite english ah, since senang sikit carik"

Old Dogs (2009)

sekirenye kuar pop up, or mintak download, just cancel and jgn layan okeyh, takowt virus :)
just tekan play and go !
Watch here

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