Make it or not?

I've been struggling since the starting of my new sem in KMPB hoping that everything would go great, as my target since the first time i set into the college is to make it into overseas, with a full scholarship as i'm taking a course that is know as a HND which i heard its between the degree and diploma qualification in UK standard. And finally it all END'S.
I hope that the target that i hope for would be a reality, as waiting for the final result is pretty scary. If i never achieve the CGPA that is needed which is above 3.75, else the dreams that i hope for would go down to the drain.
And damn i hate that shit, to ever occur !

So here goes, just wait and see as how the final transcript result would pop up.
Good luck 2 ya 2 guys !


  1. BezBuddy said...


  2. Syed Salleh said...

    bezbuddy - he3 thx :p  

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