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If you’re looking for bundle offer for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can now expect both DiGi & Celcom to offer the device at subsidised pricing with the usual plans like the Galaxy Note. As usual Maxis is still staying away from Android devices, except for its recent Motorola RAZR bundling.

So how much would the Galaxy Nexus go for on contract? Since the Galaxy Nexus is priced between the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, we are expecting the contracted pricing as follows:

Celcom RM1150-RM1300 (on 18 months Celcom Exec 250)
DiGi RM1249-RM1399 (on 24 months DG Smart Plan 68)
Originally planned for December release, the Galaxy Nexus is currently slated on the 13th January, which is just 2 Fridays away. For those who can’t wait, you can get a Galaxy Nexus from grey importers for as low as RM2040.


The ASUS Transformer Prime is still a hot ticket item even after the holiday season. If you don’t feel like paying the inflated $700+ prices on Amazon you could always opt for Office Depot who has the elusive tablet currently in stock. Unfortunately, only the 32GB version is available so those looking to load up their entire HD movie collection on the 64 gig’er will have to go elsewhere. Oh yeah, and if you use coupon code: 856155942 they’ll even throw in a free digital camera. Happy new year!

There’s pretty much nothing we don’t already know about Motorola’s worst kept secret, the Droid 4, other than an actual release date. With that being said, the “Razr with a keyboard” is actually looking more like the Bionic from the latest leaked pics taken by John and team at TechnoBuffalo who got some hands-on with a demo unit earlier today.

The device, while not exactly a working model (more of those shells you find on display at Best Buy) does give us a better look at it, with pictures showing off every angle. The Droid 4 will most likely make an appearance at CES 2012 next month of which the entire Phandroid staff we be on hand bringing you the very latest in Android tech.


Hot on the heels of news that Acer plans on introducing fewer, higher quality products in 2012, the Iconia Tab A700 has been detailed by the Russian blog, featuring specs that make even the highest end tablet seem like old news.

Slated for debut at CES, the A700 is both thinner and lighter (1.43 pounds) than the already announced A200, but packs in much more power. The A700 comes with a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 display, a dedicated rotation lock switch, micro-HDMI port, SIM card slot, 5-megapixel camera with flash and a NVIDIA Tegra 3. There’s also a 9800mAh battery powering the Iconia Tab A700 that promises 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

There’s bound to be more Android tablets than we can possibly cover at CES this year, but with a Tegra 3 and 1920 x 1200 display, the Iconia still holds a chance at standing out from the crowd. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for this one on the show floor.

Intel’s Medfield system-on-a-chip isn’t the company’s first venture into smartphone territory. Last year, at CES 2011, Intel and LG partnered up to debut Intel’s Moorestown chip. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of the reference device. Due to a “lack of marketability,” the handset never saw retail. This year, things could be different.

Intel’s Medfield has been rumored to appear at this upcoming CES, but in exactly whose hardware has remained a mystery until now – LG will be the one to put a Medfield device on display. According to the Korea Times, officials from both companies have confirmed the news. Intel Korea chief Lee Hee-sung has gone on the record saying, “Intel’s chief executive Paul Otellini will release Intel’s first Android smartphone using our own platform at the CES.”

While LG may be the one to showcase a reference model, some LG executives don’t think LG will actually be selling the device. A high-ranking executive at LG, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “personally, I doubt that LG Electronics will release phones running on Android software based on any Intel platform. It’s quite possible for LG to push Intel’s reference mobiles but with huge subsidies from Intel for promotion.”

Essentially, LG will be payed in the form of cooperative advertising to produce the Medfield device.

Could 2012 finally be the year Intel makes a breakthrough in the mobile industry? At this point, it has to be. Rival chip manufacturers have such a huge head start, Intel can’t afford any more setbacks. Intel’s appearance at CES could make or break the company’s chances. They hope to release their first Android device by March.

Yes, just about every device under the sun that has been graced with root most likely has someone attempting to port an Ice Cream Sandwich build to it. Whether beta, alpha or pre-alpha alpha. The Motorola Droid Bionic is no different. Even though Motorola officially announced the device would see an upgrade to Android 4.0 in the coming months, some users may not want to wait that long and who could blame you?
Thankfully, those tireless Android dev’ers have been hard at work getting Ice Cream Sandwich ported to the Bionic in the form of an early alpha release. Based off of CM9, pretty much everything is working smooth and swiftly — well, aside from 3G/4G data but who uses data on Verizon anyway? (Rimshot) Curious to try it out or keep up on the progress of the ROM, hit up DroidForums to see it for yourself.

If you were on the fence about getting a Samsung Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II (that was a mouthful) on Sprint, maybe the prospect of a new all white version will help entice you further. T-Mobile has been flaunting their white Galaxy S II for a couple of weeks now and it looks like Sprint will be able to do the same come January 8th, when the device will become available.

We’ve seen a few “retailer” exclusive white versions for other devices in the past but it looks like the white Epic 4G Touch will be available at all Sprint retail locations and not just Best Buy or RadioShack.

The Galaxy Nexus is the one of the earliest gadgets to look out for in 2012. Samsung has hinted that it will be available in Malaysia just before Chinese New Year and we are seeing grey importers selling it just slightly above RM2000.

For those that prefer to buy their gadgets with contract, DiGi seems be to dropping some hints on the Galaxy Nexus from a little tweet of theirs. The recent mention of it does arouse some expectation that telco will be offering it soon.

Previously, the predecessor model Nexus S was offered by Maxis for an ridiculously high price of RM2499 outright. Today Maxis is throwing its Nexus S for a special price of just RM799 outright while stocks last. Hopefully DiGi will bundle the Galaxy Nexus more competitively.

So how’s the Galaxy Nexus? Check out our hands-on first impression and sample shots taken from its 5MP camera.

Alright, so we know Fridays’ “leaked” renders of the Samsung Galaxy S III turned out to be nothing more than fan-created concept art but now we’re hearing rumblings around the net that Samsung could be planning to introduce the device at MWC 2012. Okay, so that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given Samsung’s yearly refreshes, but the kicker is that a Korean website is reporting not only will the GSIII be unveiled but that Samsung may incorporate 3D into the device. This would help give Samsung a leg up on the iPhone and also complete their 3D ecosystem adding functionality with their 3D televisions. And here you thought you’d seen the last of 3D smartphones.
When it comes to specs, nothing has been confirmed but I’ll go ahead and play along. Rumors place the device at the “uber-high-end” bracket of Android devices with a Super AMOLED Plus HD display, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, LTE connectivity and of course, running on Android’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich firmware (with TouchWiz). Still unclear is if the 3D functionality will be available on all Galaxy S III devices or if it will come as a variant (Galaxy S 3D). That being said, to keep costs down, if the 3D model becomes a variant, it could share specs more along the lines of what’s already offered with the Galaxy S II.
I wouldn’t take these rumors with more than a grain of salt but with MWC 2012 only a few more months away — we’ll find out soon enough firsthand with Phandroid reporting live from the event. Given the hate with 3D devices, would you guys be terribly upset to find out the Galaxy S III was a 3D capable device?

We first heard rumors about Samsung's next powerhouse device, the Galaxy S3, back in October, and it looks like Concept Phones got their hands on a leaked render of what they think is the GSIII. Apparently it was sent to them by a Russian reader, who stated that the phone appeared on Samsung’s official page on a Russian social network known as Vkontakte. It sounds a bit sketchy, and we're definitely not taking any of it to heart until we get some more facts.

The device itself is said to feature a quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 1.5GHz processor, TouchWiz 5.0, ICS, a 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display with a 1280 x 720 resolution, 9mm thick body, a 12MP camera featuring both an LED flash and a Xenon flash, along with a 2 MP front facing camera for video chatting. Supposedly, the GSIII will come in 32 and 64 GB models, both with microSDXC support, a stylus like the Galaxy Note, USB 3.0 capabilities, and last but not least, 4G LTE.

As if that wasn't questionable enough, the Russian tipper also indicated that the device will dual-boot, giving users the choice of Android or Samsung's BadaOS.

Now that we've gotten all the purported specs out of the way, we really have to question them. I'm all for a killer device, but something seems askew here. We'll just take this with a grain of salt until something else pops up. Perhaps Samsung will shock us all and confirm them at CES.

If you’re a well-known mobile phone manufacturer who is very successful in what you do, how do you piss your customers off? Tell them they won’t be getting the latest and perhaps the best upgrade which will be available to newer devices; that’s exactly what Samsung did. Last week, the company announced that its Galaxy S and P1000 Galaxy Tab 7.0 will not be getting the much awaited for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened next; people were not happy.

After receiving a whole load of negative feedbacks, Samsung has recently announced again that they will rethink its plan. According to a Korean newspaper, Ajnews, the company will reevaluate both devices’ possibility to get the update. Unfortunately though, while I guess Samsung won’t want to provoke its customers again by telling them it’s final that there won’t be an upgrade, nothing has been mention regarding when Samsung will come up with its final decision.

Apple may just be preparing to release an iTV of a different variety than the small box we all know. According to Digitimes, Apple has told suppliers to being preparing to manufacturer the first Apple branded TV sets in the first quarter of 2012 with the expected release date being in fall. The TVs will be available in 32inch and 37inch flavours initially and is set to integrate the existing Apple TV set top box in the actual unit, doing away with the standalone solution.

Wish having a phone that is not only smart but has designer’s values in it as well? Well, you don’t have to wait until next year to see one because the LG Prada 3.0 will be making its way to the lucky South Koreans today. While the device probably won’t make it here any time soon, LG also announced that they will be launching the phone to most European countries and other parts of Asia by January so if the LG Prada 3.0 is the one, then I guess it’s worth the wait to see when it comes to Malaysia, if ever.

The price of the device in South Korea is KRW$899,800, that’s about a whopping RM2,500; enough to get you an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2, or a Galaxy Note, just to name a few. The LG Prada 3.0 comes with a 4.3” IPS WVGA display, a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1080p video recording, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, and 8GB of memory; clearly less attractive than most smartphones we have today. The only bright side to all these is despite being shipped with Android 2.3, it is listed as one of the LG device that will be given the Ice Cream Sandwich update sometime next year.

Sure, I mean, there are much cheaper and smarter phones out there that are faster and capable of doing more things, but they’re not a Prada. In addition to getting the phone and a docking station which will be shipped together, customers will also get a matching Prada bag. The lucky South Koreans who choose to purchase the phone can also choose to sign up with a contract with a telco and get the LG Prada 3.0 from KRW160,000 to KRW260,000.

Remember the hotly anticipated Razer Blade gaming laptop that didn't make it into your hands for Christmas? I've got good news and bad news. Bad news first of course; the laptop is getting delayed further all the way until middle to late January before you will actually be able to see it in your grubby little paws. Good news? The reason behind the delay is that Razer is swapping the 320GB HDD for a 256SSD without having to increase the US$2,799 list price. On top of that, for every Razer Blade order, Razer will be throwing in a Razer Orochi Blade Edition absolutely free. Details for that can be found on Razer's Facebook page here.

I think in this case good things really do come to those who wait! The delay also gives you that extra time to save up so you don't have to be eating cup ramen and toast for that long after buying it.

Nokia N9 users can rejoice now as you can finally have landscape mode on your phones. The Landscape mode works across the three main navigation screens and compatible apps will also benefit from the whole landscape thing. The one thing is however, to get this tweak to work, you must download an app called N9Tweak through the phone's web browser and enable it from there.

I have no idea why any manufacturer of a touch screen smartphone would omit the ability to rotate the screen into landscape mode from the core functionality of the OS, but I guess thats what you get for ditching Symbian (i mean Belle) for WP7 and kicking MeeGo to the curb.

Thx to on the new android ice cream sandwich review.

LG has revealed that selected range of its Android smartphones is scheduled to start receiving the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) upgrade starting the second quarter of next year.

The phones that LG has identified to be able to receive the update are:
Optimus 2X
Optimus Sol — Release date in Malaysia unknown
Prada phone by LG 3.0 — Release date in Malaysia unknown
Optimus LTE — Not available in Malaysia
myTouch Q — Not available in Malaysia
Eclipse — Not available in Malaysia

The range if LG devices will be extended to the following starting from the third quarter of 2012.
Optimus 3D
Optimus Black
Optimus Big — Not available in Malaysia
Optimus Q2 — Not available in Malaysia
Optimus EX — Not available in Malaysia

Despite the timeline, LG says that exact update release dates will vary depending on market and operator. Considering there’s almost no operator customisation for smartphones in Malaysia, you can expect the updates to be available for local units shortly after it becomes globally available.

In comparison, Samsung has announced that a selected range of its Galaxy devices is scheduled to receive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update within the first quarter of next year while Sony Ericsson has indicated ICS update roll out to start by March 2012.


Sony Ericsson is working on a super smartphone, that’s no secret. What is still a secret – apart from the final specifications – is the name of the device. If this recently discovered trademark filing made by Sony Ericsson in the US on December 13 is anything to go by, then the new device could very possible be called the “Xperia Ion”

The device that we’re referring to is right now only known as the LT28at, and judging by the preliminary specs this will be the Android to look out for come 2012.

The LT28at is said to have a large 4.55-inch HD Reality Display with 1280×720 resolution. Other unconfirmed specs include a speedy dual-core 1.5GHz processor. The main highlight of the LT28at is the massive 13MP camera that features a back-lit Exmor R sensor. On top of that, the front facing camera is said to be capable of doing 720p videos.

Unfortunately at the moment, the LT28at is targeted for the US market with LTE capabilities. However, there are indications that a GSM version will also be built – we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that one.

In any case, the LT28at and the Nozomi is expected to be revealed sometime next month and we might be able to be among the first to secure a hands-on of both devices. No promises though.

Whatever it is, we’re keeping a close eye on what Sony Ericsson has in store for January 2012 and, as always, will keep you updated, so keep it locked on.

It appears to be raining BlackBerry Playbooks. If Maxis Playbook + BlackBerry combo isn’t attractive enough, Celcom is now throwing the Playbook at low prices while stocks last. You can now get a Playbook from Celcom WITHOUT contract at the following prices:

BlackBerry Playbook 16GB – RM1,088
BlackBerry Playbook 32GB – RM1,388
BlackBerry Playbook 64GB – RM1,688

As comparison, the prices above were previously tied with 24 months contract for existing Celcom BlackBerry contract extensions but now it is offered outright.

The only problem though is that the offer is valid until 31st November 2011. Either this is a typical typo or Celcom is using a different Calendar system that we are not aware of.

If you have been eyeing for a playbook, head over to Celcom’s Playbook page.


Looks like Celcom has added another plan offering for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Apart from the usual Celcom Exec 50 + bolt on data, they have now introduced a new Broadband Basic + Pay Per Use plan which costs RM68/month. This is similar to what DG Smart Plan is offering with data being bundled first and voice/sms usage are being charged as additional usage, making it perfect for those that rarely make calls.

On this new Broadband Basic, you’ll get a generous serving of 4GB data while calls are charged at 15sen/min and SMS at 10sen each. In terms of contract price, it is higher than the previous plans at RM1388 for 12 months and RM1328 for 24 months. For just mere RM60 difference, you might as well go for the shorter 12 months period instead. The upfront payment for this Broadband Basic + Pay Per Use plan is RM150 which will be rebated back over 10 months period.

For more information, head over to Celcom’s website.


While many Android tablets are soon to be offered with quad-core configurations (including the already-available ASUS Transformer Prime), we’re still wondering if and when handsets will get over the dual-core hump. Meizu is the first to make public plans to release a quad-core device. It will be an upgraded version of their beautiful Meizu MX.

Other than its quad-core specification there’s not much know about the device at this time except a launch window – May 2012. That’s a decade from now in the world of technology but it’s a timeline we expected for the first quad-core enabled devices to, at the very least, be announced.
Chinese site Techorz speculates that it wouldn’t be foolish to expect Samsung’s quad-core Exynos 4412 inside considering their MX has the dual-core Exynos chipset, though we won’t put too much stock into that speculation.

Sony Ericsson has filed a trademark for Xperia Ion, a name that could eventually find its way to the recently uncovered LT28at smartphone. The trademark, which was filed on December 13th, is associated with a serial number of 85493863.
The Sony Ericsson LT28at looks to be the manufacturer’s flagship device of 2012 with a 4.55-inch 720p display and 13MP camera. The Xperia Ion name has not been definitively linked with the LT28at, but it is safe to assume we might see a device appear under the branding at CES 2012. Sony is set to kick off their week of gadgety goodness on Monday, January 9th with a special presentation for show attendees.

With Android 4.0 being one of the most hyped updates for Google’s mobile operating system, most manufacturers have been announcing details about their plans to roll out software upgrades. No one wants to stay behind, right? LG has just given us another update about their upgrade plans, and it looks like Q2 is when LG customers should begin to see Android 4.0.

During the second quarter of 2012 upgrades will begin for the following smartphone models: the LG Optimus LTE, Prada phone by LG 3.0, the LG Optimus 2X, the LG Optimus Sol, the LG my Touch Q and the LG Eclipse. These upgrades will be followed by upgrades for the following smartphone models during the third quarter of 2012: the LG Optimus 3D, the LG Optimus Black, the LG Optimus Big, the LG Optimus Q2 and the LG Optimus EX.
As you can see, that pretty much covers all the newest devices from LG and then some. There is a small discrepancy here, though. What is going to happen with the US variants of some of these smartphones? LG was not quite clear about the future of devices like the AT&T Thrill 4G (Optimus 3D), T-Mobile G2X (Optimus 2x), AT&T Nitro HD (Optimus LTE), and the Verizon Revolution?

Owners of the original Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab weren’t too happy with Samsung’s recent decision of not offering Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for its early devices.

After getting lots of flak for abandoning its previous star models, Samsung seems to be making a U-turn on its decision and is reconsidering them for its OS upgrade exercise. We all know that it is not impossible for the Galaxy S since its similar Nexus S model is able to run Ice Cream Sandwich perfectly.

On the memory limitation, perhaps Samsung would need to scale back on some of its TouchWiz custom skin in order to maintain a fluid user experience. As usual, no datelines were given but probably will come after the first wave of ICS update which is happening in Q1 2012.

Gossip girl Season 1-5

Season 1
1. Pilot
2. The Wild Brunch
3. Poison Ivy
4. Bad News Blair
5. Dare Devil

6. The Handmaiden's Tale
7. Victor/Victrola
8. Seventeen Candles
9. Blair Waldorf Must Pie
10. Hi, Society

16. All About My Brother
17. Woman on the Verge
18. Much 'I Do' About Nothing

Season 2
1. Summer Kind of Wonderful
2. Never Been Marcused
3. The Dark Night
4. The Ex-Files
5. The Serena Also Rises

6. New Haven Can Wait
7. Episode #2.7
8. Episode #2.8
9. Episode #2.9
10. Episode #2.10

11. Episode #2.11
12. Episode #2.12
13. Episode #2.13
14. Episode #2.14
15. Episode #2.15

16. Episode #2.16
17. Episode #2.17
18. Episode #2.18
19. Episode #2.19

20. Episode #2.20
21. Episode #2.21
22. Episode #2.22

Season 3
1. Episode #3.1
2. Episode #3.2
3. Episode #3.3
4. Episode #3.4
5. Episode #3.5

Glee Season 1-3

Okay, so this is not the Galaxy S III. I don’t care what you’re hearing from around the internet. But it looks awfully pretty, doesn’t it? These concept images came from a Russian website called Concept-Phones which shows off just that — user generated concepts. And the user did a fairly good job at that. I wont even go into the supposed specs of the device seeing how they’re more of a wish-list than anything. Just expect a lot of “HD-this” and “quad-that” to make an obligatory appearance somewhere in there. One more time, there isn’t anything official about this pic at all.
I feel like we barely got the Galaxy S II in our hands and now we’ve all got the Galaxy S III fever? That was fast.

If you’re having something good, double it! That’s probably what Samsung is thinking as they have announced dual-sim versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro. The models will carry the “DUOS” branding which Samsung’s dual sim range of devices.

For the Duos version of Galaxy S II, it is destined for China and it will support both GSM/CDMA2000 bands. On the hardware, it will feature a 4.52″ Super AMOLED Plus display, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 8MP camera, 16GB of storage and a massive 1,800mAh battery.

For the Galaxy Y and Y Pro version, it will be catering for emerging markets. It has pretty much the same specs as the single SIM version but the screen is slightly bigger at 3.15″. The Y Pro in the other hand is the QWERTY keyboard version which has yet to make an appearance in Malaysia. There’s no mention whether these duos model will make an appearance in Malaysia.

For those that carry 2 phones, would you consider having a smart phone with dual-sim capabilities? If dual-sim phones are not enough, take a look at the Quad-SIM phone instead.

It is official that the original Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will not be getting some Ice Cream Sandwich loving. A few days ago, they have announced that the latest Android update will be coming to recent models including the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, Tab 7.0 Plus, Tab 8.9 & Tab 10.1.

So what’s the reason for leaving Galaxy S & the original 7″ Galaxy Tab out? Samsung explains that the combination of TouchWiz skin, video calling features, widgets and localisation as a hindrance for a possible update. Another reasoning is the lack of available memory capacity. To blame it on hardware is very unlikely as its similar spec’ed Nexus S has started receiving the Android software upgrade as we speak. Of course this isn’t the end of the road as the adventurous ones should be able to get their Ice Cream Sandwich update through custom ROMs.

Now this makes the Galaxy Nexus even more tempting to get when it is released in Malaysia next month. Being a “pure google” device, you can be confident that it will be next in line to get the latest OS updates.

Always wanted to have a USB Broadband Modem? U Mobile is currently offering its 7.2Mbps USB Broadband Modem with six months of MB68 unlimited data plan for only RM254. You will get to enjoy up to 5GB of data with the MB68 plan worth RM408 (RM68/month). Additionally, the price of the modem, according to the price on U Mobile’s page, is worth RM100, so you get to save 50% with this offer.

Available on the telco’s Facebook page, all you have to do is “like” the deal and you’ll be entitled to grab the offer. A couple of months ago, U Mobile also gave out a similar offer which allowed consumers to purchase the same USB modem along worth 30 days of internet access.

Visit U Mobile’s Facebook Page for more details about the “U Like the Deals” offer. The deal is already active, so you have approximately 7 days left to sign up for it and purchase at any of the 10 different U Mobile Service Centers listed.

Other fine prints includes: it’s a limited offer for the first 200 signup’s only, redemption period will start next year, and you can only purchase one deal.

AMD has just upped its status in the never-ending graphics card race by unveiling its next generation Radeon graphic cards family in the form of Radeon HD 7000 series. Leading the series is the AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics card which will be meeting consumers everywhere starting from 9 January 2012 with a price tag of RM 1,739 (USD 549).

Claimed as the world’s fastest single GPU graphic card with a core that runs at up to 925MHz as well as a memory clock speed of 1375MHz for its 3GB GDDR5 memory, the new AMD Radeon HD 7970 uses the company’s new Graphics Core Next architecture as well as the industry’s first 28nm GPU. Not enough with that, it also comes with the support for PCI Express 3.0, AMD App Acceleration, AMD Eyefinity 2.0 and 4K resolution.

On top of all that, the company has also tweaked its PowerTune dynamic power management technology to suit the new card and comes up with another power management technology called ZeroCore Power which allows the Radeon HD 7970 to achieve ultra-low power consumption when the card is on idle.

Tons of reviews on AMD Radeon HD 7970 have been pouring in since it was announced by AMD earlier today, so check out your favorite hardware sites such as from renowned hardware sites such as TechPowerUp, VR-Zone, Hexus and more or directly at itself to learn more about the new graphics card ahead of its upcoming release next month.

Starting from this month onwards, DiGi have embarked on a major upgrading process on their network which will see them going through 5,000 sites around the country over the course of 2012. Dubbed as the “The Tomorrow Network”, the upgrade aims to provide DiGi’s users with more stable network through the use of greener and more efficient equipment.

While that sounds pretty standard, the upgrade does have two grand objective under its wing. First, DiGi’s The Tomorrow Network upgrade targets to expand DiGi’s EDGE and 3G coverage to 95.8 percent of Malaysia’s population. The second objective is even more impressive – it also aims to turn equip their network with LTE capabilities and become the first such network to do so here in Malaysia. Of course, DiGi also promises better call experience once the upgrade has been completed.

The upgrade process is already on-going right now starting from areas in Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Subang Jaya in which minor downtime might happen during the deployment process at the selected area. To learn more about DiGi’s The Tomorrow Network modernization process and its upgrade schedule, head on to DiGi’s official website.

Rumors of the Motorola Droid 4 came out very quickly after the Motorola Droid 3 was released. So much that all of us were wondering what was going on. It has only been about 6 months since the Motorola Droid 3 was released, and leaks of the Droid 4 started coming in months ago. After realizing that we would soon be seeing another successor to one of the most popular Android devices in existance, rumors pointed towards a December release for the latest member of the Droid family. Since then everything has settled down, and we haven’t talked much about this smartphone in a while. A new set of details has been spreading around these past few days, though.

The Droid 4 looks promising, with all the specs that we would expect from a good device in late-2011, including support for Verizon 4G LTE. Not to mention the fact that the design is looking pretty sexy, assimilating the look of the Razr (but with a keyboard).

Possible release dates included December 8th and the 22nd, both of which have come and gone without a word from Big Red. A sudden appearance of the Droid 4 at the DroidDoes website (click on the image to the right for details) a couple of weeks ago had us all thinking that the day was coming. While the site was quickly pulled, we realized that Verizon is probably setting things up to include the Droid 4 in their website, which would mean that the device is probably not too far from being released. The 22nd definitely seemed like a great day for all the keyboard-lovers looking for a good Christmas present.

The day has come, and is quickly leaving with no Droid 4 for us today it seems. And it is unlikely that it will be announced today/tomorrow, and released on a Friday (especially one so close to Christmas). We can assume that the device will not be here for in time to find itself under the Christmas tree.

What gives, right? We could wait a bit more. Or at least we thought it was “a bit,” until yesterday’s new rumors hit the internet. It seems like the Droid 4 might be pushed back for a February release.Yes, the same February during which most of the CES super phones might be released. True, the Verizon 4G LTE market is a bit saturated right now, with the Motorola Droid Razr, HTC Rezound and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus all released in the last few months. February, though? Where is the love for the keyboard-lovers?

We know it is pretty hard to part from that physical keyboard. And with options becoming scarce, some might still want to wait for this bad boy. If you want to see more of this device, what appears to be official images of the device in multiple angles have recently leaked.[3] Take another look at it, and think of the idea of using that upgrade for another smartphone, because this one isn’t coming in a while.

This iPhone 4 case from Vans is sub-zero cool. The rubber case features Vans’ signature waffle sole and other details that make a pair of Vans loafers so timelessly iconic. We particularly like that “Off the Wall” heel tag.

The Vans Rubber Waffle edition iPhone 4 case retails for US$28 but as you would imagine, the casing is flaying off the shelves so sourcing for one is going to be a challenge. If you’re desperate for one, there are a few on sale on eBay going for US$100 — ouch!

Today i have to do a stock check on one of the acer branch located in Jusco Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru. The task consist of me counting the stock that is consist in the branch, and update the number of stock in the company system to make it more accurate.

Even though Nokia has unveiled Nokia Belle (formerly known as the Symbian Belle) back in August this year, the Finnish giant still have not yet delivered it to existing owners of supported devices such as Nokia N8, E6, E7, X7, C7, C6-01 and Oro. One can't help but to wonder what is taking them so long to release the update to consumers especially that they have been shipping a number of devices such as Nokia 700, 701 and 603 (add the cancelled Nokia 600 too, if you want) that were already pre-installed with Nokia Belle to the market.

Well...the wait is almost over – Nokia has finally confirmed that they are going to deploy the update in February 2012. In fact, some of newly manufactured Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01 will be delivered to customers with Belle inside very soon, starting with China before making their way to the rest of the world.

The Nokia Belle features tons of improvements as compared to previous incarnations of Symbian operating system such as new widgets capability, pull down notification tab, six homescreens and NFC support. If you have never seen it in action before, check out our brief encounter with Nokia Belle with the help of Nokia 600, 700 and 701.

Lenovo recently unveiled two new AIO PCs – the ThinkCentre Edge 91z and Edge 71z, the first PCs in the ThinkCentre Edge family. Equipped with the latest Intel Quad Core processor, both these AIOs from Lenovo are touted as one of the industry’s most powerful AIOs. They also feature a super thin frame that measures at just 2.5”, making them ideal to be used for small-to-medium businesses with its powerful performance and compact design.

“As many companies turn to AIO desktops to creatively furnish space-constrained offices, we’ve expanded our line of businesses AIOs to meet their personalized needs. The new ThinkCentre Edge 91z and Edge 71z AIOs elevates computing for small-to-medium businesses with an unmatched combination of style and substance, outpacing other PCs in performance, fast boot up, serviceability and price.” – Khoo Hung Chuan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia.

AIO PCs are known for its compact size, but here to bring compactness to the next level are these two devices that are also one of the industry’s thinnest. The Edge 91z AIO comes with a large 21.5” glossy HD display while the Edge 71z comes with a slightly more compact frame of 20”. Although the display size may be big, the thin frame makes them fit into even the tightest of work spaces. To top things up, the Edge 91z and Edge 71z are designed with simplicity in mind – just plug it in and it’s ready to use.

But a slim frame and a clear display are not the only things these ThinkCentres are equipped with. Hit the break to find out more about the insides.

Powerful AIO Performer

Packed with the company’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7, it can boot up 30% faster than non-optimized models. Top that up with RapidDrive on optional solid state drive models, you no longer have to sit and stare at your monitor while it loads because it can shave up to 20 seconds of boot time. Additionally, the Edge 91z is powered by Intel i7 Quad Core Processor while the Edge 71z is powered by the Intel i5 Quad Core processor to make them both blazing fast.

Other specs include 4GB of DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive and optional 1GB of ATI discrete graphics.

Pricing and Availability

The ThinkCentre Edge 71z AIO desktop is priced from RM2,499 and is available immediately.

ThinkCentre Edge 91z will be available from January 2012 at RM3,699 and above.

Remember that update to App World which RIM promised us earlier this month? Well, it’s officially here, and it comes with all the enhancements which they showed us too.

From the press release:
Request a Gift – BlackBerry users can send their BBM friends a request to buy them an app, theme, or game from the BlackBerry App World catalog.

WiFi Only Support – BlackBerry App World has always worked over WiFi – but required a cellular connection to be present. With BlackBerry App World 3.1, no cellular connection is required!

Content Rating and Filtering – BlackBerry users are now presented with a content rating to alert them to the content contained in an application. These ratings are based on the CTIA Wireless Association’s “Guidelines for App Content Classification and Ratings”. Parents will be able to set a rating filter in the BlackBerry App World client to restrict content of specified ratings from being displayed or purchased.

New Language Support – BlackBerry App World is now available in additional languages including Dutch, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

In all honesty, these changes aren’t exactly game changing or earth rocking, but they will be pretty handy to hardened BlackBerry users. The updates are available for download OTA via your current iteration of App World, but if it isn’t yet, point your BlackBerry browser to

Lenovo today announced a new addition to its family of tablets – the IdeaPad Tablet A1. The 7-inch (LED with 1024×600 pixel resolution) IdeaPad A1 runs Android 2.3 and features a magnesium alloy “roll-cage” that is designed to protect critical internal components. The A1 is Lenovo’s third Android tablet to hit the market — the first two being the 10.1-inch IdeaPad K1 and the ThinkPad Tablet, also with a 10.1-inch screen.

Other vital specs include a single-core 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra Cortex A8 processor with 512MB RAM and 16GB of on board storage. You also get a 3MP rear camera (VGA front), a micro SD card reader and Mini USB connector

The A1 also features a “unique offline GPS navigation technology that allows direct satellite connection regardless of internet access”. We’re not sure how this is unique because virtually all devices can access GPS without the need for internet connectivity. You need connectivity to render the maps not to access GPS satellites but we’re not sure if that is what Lenovo means by this unique offline GPS navigation technology.

The A1 is available in black or white and will go on sale in Malaysia in January 2012 for RM799.

That RM799 price tag is very attractive for a 7-inch tablet but we’re not expecting that single-core 1GHz processor to deliver blazing performance either.

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