Remember that update to App World which RIM promised us earlier this month? Well, it’s officially here, and it comes with all the enhancements which they showed us too.

From the press release:
Request a Gift – BlackBerry users can send their BBM friends a request to buy them an app, theme, or game from the BlackBerry App World catalog.

WiFi Only Support – BlackBerry App World has always worked over WiFi – but required a cellular connection to be present. With BlackBerry App World 3.1, no cellular connection is required!

Content Rating and Filtering – BlackBerry users are now presented with a content rating to alert them to the content contained in an application. These ratings are based on the CTIA Wireless Association’s “Guidelines for App Content Classification and Ratings”. Parents will be able to set a rating filter in the BlackBerry App World client to restrict content of specified ratings from being displayed or purchased.

New Language Support – BlackBerry App World is now available in additional languages including Dutch, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

In all honesty, these changes aren’t exactly game changing or earth rocking, but they will be pretty handy to hardened BlackBerry users. The updates are available for download OTA via your current iteration of App World, but if it isn’t yet, point your BlackBerry browser to


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