result has already been post in on the KPMB website. check it out, cause truly is freaking me up
Check site

I was checking around the pages, for the longest english word that has been created, and truly i cant even pronoun it.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "a word alleged to mean 'a lung disease caused by the inhalation of volcanic ash, causing inflammation in the lungs.'"

Who ever can pronounce it then do buzz me up then, cause truly i cant..

Finally one of the greatest brand of computer appliance and gadget is coming to Malaysia. It was a shocking moment as i read the article on the lowyat website, which pump me up to get one for my self.
Even thought it might be freaking expensive, but truly it is worth it as the technology provided in the notebook is to good to be true, and no notebook could ever challenge the godly power and performance of it.

So here is the quote form the article that is taken form the lowyat website:

Back in May when the Dell Adamo launched in Malaysia, I managed to have a short chat with Mr. Yeo Swee Key (Director, Consumer Business, Malaysia) over lunch. While the topic of the day was the Dell Adamo, we got a little off track and somehow he let it slip that "Alienware would be arriving in Malaysia very soon".

True to his words, promotional banners featuring the famous gray Alien icon appeared on the Dell Malaysia website two days ago, and an Alienware microsite has emerged today at

Unfortunately, all we got in advance was the forewarning, but we'll be working on securing a unit for review. In the mean time, you can check out more info on the new Alienware M17x on our sister gaming site Multiplay.

Working life

I've finally stop wasting my time at home doing nothing, so i have made a drastic last minute to start work and earn some $$. It was a good idea as at least i can train myself by gaining new experience, plus it is one of the best way to get my self thinner then by working as i would have to stand most of the time, then laying down at home doing nothing.

I'm working at the new jusco in Bukit indah, as one of the ACER shop at the third floor, so if any of you guys want to order, then you know who to call then.


Finally the calender is out, so better get ready for the new sem then.

Holiday in TIOMAN !!

I just got back from Tioman yesterday for a holiday with my whole family for 4 days, 3nights. And trust me, the air, water, sands, and most important HOT CHICKS is the best attraction ever to go they're, so get ya shorts and t-shirt ready then.

We hang out at the berjaye hotel, i heard is freaking expensive as it is about RM500-600 for a nite, but my mum got it pretty cheap, as she been helping this travel agent before. So what the hell !! as long as is free for me, i'm going.

They have beautiful and gorgeous beaches they're, for scuba diving or even snorkeling as the water is see through which means pretty clean then JB dumb sea, which is polluted so much, and stinks like hell.

Conclusion, it be a good idea to plan up to come here. I got pretty cheap savings for snorkeling, so who ever wants for the guy number to scuba, then message me up.

Wedding in the city

I don't know why the hell i ever get into this. Is quite boring hanging out at a wedding EXCEPT for the food part, as is a COMPULSORY point in a wedding, without it i would not have any other suggestion as why the hell i'm going theyre.

The wedding is held for one of my cousin, which i have no clue who is she or her, but is help in a Hotel near to the city, and trust me it be an awesome idea to have a wedding they're, as i'm sure u'll get a FREE room for the newly bride to spend together hurmmm "You know what i mean"

The wedding ended early for us, as after shaking hands, taking dozen of pictures, we immediately get out and have our own celebrating shopping at CS.

Update into Window 7 !!

Finally is time, to try out something new. Since i've been using vista for quite sometime. So i manage to test the beta window 7 in my notebook, cool new interface, and better gadget. I had to waste some time though to get a registry to erase the trial text on the desktop though. The only problem with it that i found out is that they doesn't have function such as movie maker, and calender as normal vista do, as many they are in a trial mode. Moreover, it has some sort of collision with my graphic card affecting when i'm playing game's such as warcraft, where the screen turns into a smaller format, hurmmm.
Well in conclusion this is quite and improvement in the graphical user interface, and damn it looks good. so give it a try then.

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