Having to face extreme pressure and stress due to your deadline and complication when undergoing research, would burden anyone. That goes with me !! Won't lie about that. Worse case scenario, the direct effect of over stress, would limit your creativity to write. WHERE YOU'LL BE STARING AT A BLANK PAGE THINKING WHAT TO WRITE !!  Has that ever happen to you? For assignments? projects?

The best remedy that i believe to counter this problems, is by having a break. An hour or two to calm your mind. In my case, I would be hitting the gym or playing games just to take that burden away. Different people have different style, though which is the best is still based on individual preference.

So don't give up and put your head up guys.

Another day, let's change to topic for the day on investment prospect in Malaysia.. I believe, proper plan is needed to obtain a better financial stability in the long run :)

So is Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) worth it?
Of course. This benefit is given for the Malay's. So why not utilize the advantage in the long run. I've been saving up a lot throughout my years. I applied for loan through Maybank before i flew, just to make sure i gain the full benefits. Though, initially I plan to pay the whole lump sum after 3-4 years. However, thank's to my financial advisor "You know who you are" :)

We had a long discussion, and she suggested that paying monthly loan would the best option, and the think that shocks me when she said "THE AMOUNT THAT YOU PAY TO THE BANK MONTHLY WOULD ACTUALLY BE COVERED BACK, ONCE YOUR LOAN HAS ENDED". She may have a point on that, looking on the extra bonus and dividen that would increase over the year, add on if we never withdraw the money. So as a retirement plan for when i get old, would be worth it.

So What's next after ASB?
I was then thinking what else should i invest on, rather then storing a whole lump sum of cash that I wouldn't use or worse be using it to buy something that is stupid, example a synology media player, DSLR camera, custom made desktop, etc. "AS YOU KNOW I'M A TECH GEEK". It's endless, I would want everything !! So better put a full stop and just invest it, to prevent from those craving to build up. :)

The answer i end with is Tabung Haji. You be quite shocked rite !! Tabung Haji is for a person who want to fly for Haji. BUT LET ME STOP YOU THERE !! My financial ad-visor state that, if you haven't apply for Haji or planning not to go yet. The annual gains is surprisingly similar to ASB (almost there), but way better then ASB2 and quite safe :)

So it be an option guys, try conduct some research on it and give me your suggestions. 

Gosh! It has been age's since i blog a post. Life back as a student really takes up time. To many things to do, so little time. *face palm*

After 7 months undergoing PhD, I've realized "time is management CRUCIAL". Without proper planning, you are actually  doomed to fail. Well as you have a proper day plan, mine would be 4-5 hours work and the rest would be MY TIME (either hitting the gym, PS4, just chilling at home streaming free online movies or TV series) "THANK YOU KODI !!". That's the best way to kick that stress all away :p

Though the main question people keep asking:

  1. Is PhD difficult? Nothing is easy in life guys. I would say it may be difficult on the early stage, getting use to the new environment and learning various research technique for a quality research paper may be grueling, and I won't lie if is never asked myself repeatedly "What the hell i'm doing here? PhD for what? Feel like giving up now? Duhh!! Stress!! Stress!!". However, i believe with hard work and dedication and motivation from family, friends and not forgetting GOD. You'll do fine. Some people believed PhD is all about luck (Example having a good supervisor? Problem in term of health and resources to support your project? etc.). To me luck does not play a role, BUT YOU DO !! HOW YOU PERCEIVE THE JOURNEY IS THE KEY ROLE TO SUCCESS. FURTHERMORE NOTHING IN LIFE IS DIFFICULT AND IMPOSSIBLE, UNLESS YOU PUT YOUR HAT DOWN AND SAY "I GIVE UP". 
  2. What is PhD all about? Well thank god, my supervisor suggested me getting a book entitled How to get a PhD. Worth every pound. Well, lets make it as simple as possible. PhD IS ALL ABOUT, GROOMING YOURSELF TO BECOME A RESEARCHER. Through out the journey you'll be taught of various research techniques, proper procedure and ethical rules that you have to abide (though i never give a damn! about it in the past, but now i perceive it differently).
  3. Should i take it? If your'e interested in learning and exploring a research study further on, go for it. However, if you just want the status"Dr.", then it ain't a good idea. I still remember what my professor asked me when we first sat face-to-face. "Why PhD?" and I answer "Due to my interest of knowing more". The best tip would be, selecting a topic that you're really into. It be a 3-4 years research (that's in the UK, not sure in Malaysia). You'll be reading the articles within the research field, go for conferences and present in-front of your colleague. Thus, IF YOU SELECT A TOPIC THAT IS LESS INTERESTING TO YOURSELF, YOU MAY BE HAVING DIFFICULTY FACING ON THE LONG RUN.
  4. Overseas or Malaysia? That would be based on your $$, though i prefer the overseas, due reason most overseas supervisors are knowledgeable in their specific field (taking their tacit knowledge and make into your own, would be a great strategy), exposing yourself with a new environment would further encourage you to grow and provide a better prospect for your working career in the future.
  6. How to get fund? There are many options in Malaysia, Google it.. :p Though i was funded by MARA. I had prepared an early proposal and got the University placement before the interview. That could be the reason why i'm selected OR just luck .
There is huge misconception that PhD is difficult and person who get the title "Dr." must be  genius. My answer would be NO. IT'S ALL ABOUT HAVING YOU TO NEVER GIVE UP, AND FIGHT BACK WHEN EVER YOU WANNA GIVE UP. WITH HARD WORK AND DEDICATION, YOU'LL DO GREAT.


Windows 8.1 is coming to the desktop very soon and early in 2014 Windows Phone will also be updated to 8.1. There probably isn’t much of a connection between the two releases but at least Microsoft’s marketing looks consistent. One of the reported new features for Windows Phone 8.1 is Cortana, a virtual assistant to rival Siri and Google Now.

Cortana, which is named after an artificial intelligent character in Microsoft’s Halo series, will be powered by Microsoft’s ”Satori” knowledge repository that is used by Bing. Apparently Microsoft has some grand plans for Cortana and she won’t be limited to just giving you weather updates on your Windows Phone.

It is thought that the new technology (new for Microsoft that is) will be used in future versions of Windows Phone, Windows and the Xbox One operating system. Steve Ballmer hinted at Cortana’s role in his July strategy memo. In the memo he mentioned that Microsoft will be working on ”a family of devices powered by a service-enabled shell.” Later in the memo he said this shell would be “based on the advanced, almost magical, intelligence in our cloud that learns more and more over time about people and the world.”

The fact that companies like Google, Apple and now Microsoft are developing new interactive technologies is brilliant, but I have one word of warning for Microsoft, consumers have developed high expectations about the quality and functionality of virtual assistants and it would be best for Redmond to ensure that it works well before releasing it. Otherwise they risk being ridiculed for years to come.


Motorola has received a lot of praise for the various Moto X customization options available to consumers through MotoMaker. Choose your main color, find the perfect back panel tone to match your style and select the perfect accent color for a touch of flare. Motorola may have the right idea, but it’s only skin deep. Phonebloks wants to take smartphone customization to a whole new level with a modular design which would allow consumers to create the perfect phone based on what features are most important to them. Once you’re outgrown your device (or shattered your display), simply upgrade the components you want without having to get an entirely new device.

Think of Phonebloks as a custom built gaming rig. Not satisfied with the performance of your device after a year, just get that new processing mobile and swap it out yourself.

The concept is phenomenal, but there are quite a few reasons why it will be hard to implement. Unlike other crazy concepts, Phonebloks is not looking for funding or asking you to pledge to support a crowd funding campaign. Instead, they are looking for your support to raise awareness and show smartphone manufacturers that there is consumer demand for a modular smartphone.

We happen to think a concept like this could revolutionize the smartphone industry, but we doubt it will ever happen. Would you be willing to buy a modular smartphone similar to what Phonebloks has envisioned?


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