ASB is full? What's next?

Another day, let's change to topic for the day on investment prospect in Malaysia.. I believe, proper plan is needed to obtain a better financial stability in the long run :)

So is Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) worth it?
Of course. This benefit is given for the Malay's. So why not utilize the advantage in the long run. I've been saving up a lot throughout my years. I applied for loan through Maybank before i flew, just to make sure i gain the full benefits. Though, initially I plan to pay the whole lump sum after 3-4 years. However, thank's to my financial advisor "You know who you are" :)

We had a long discussion, and she suggested that paying monthly loan would the best option, and the think that shocks me when she said "THE AMOUNT THAT YOU PAY TO THE BANK MONTHLY WOULD ACTUALLY BE COVERED BACK, ONCE YOUR LOAN HAS ENDED". She may have a point on that, looking on the extra bonus and dividen that would increase over the year, add on if we never withdraw the money. So as a retirement plan for when i get old, would be worth it.

So What's next after ASB?
I was then thinking what else should i invest on, rather then storing a whole lump sum of cash that I wouldn't use or worse be using it to buy something that is stupid, example a synology media player, DSLR camera, custom made desktop, etc. "AS YOU KNOW I'M A TECH GEEK". It's endless, I would want everything !! So better put a full stop and just invest it, to prevent from those craving to build up. :)

The answer i end with is Tabung Haji. You be quite shocked rite !! Tabung Haji is for a person who want to fly for Haji. BUT LET ME STOP YOU THERE !! My financial ad-visor state that, if you haven't apply for Haji or planning not to go yet. The annual gains is surprisingly similar to ASB (almost there), but way better then ASB2 and quite safe :)

So it be an option guys, try conduct some research on it and give me your suggestions. 


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