As i do know yahoo messenger is like the most usable software ever used now days, to chat, video call and all other stuff. So here i would like to post the new version that is coming is the messenger version 10, that has much improvement in the design and function "but i think is mostly on the design A BIT, such as the icon" but damn i miss the yahoo messenger for vista, that i have no idea why i close down ^^'
By the way is a OFFLINE installer, so no internet connection is needed, while if u want to update the old version to the new, you would just have to continue install, as they would automatically detect the previous version and uninstall it..
So further information u can check out this link, on the new function that is being provided.
No worries i have tested it out, and using it till now. So any problem do inform okeyh.
Have fun using it, especially you know who, that really need to update HERS.


Cant hardly wait to watch the NEW final destination, even though it ain't the clear version. But who cares as long as i get to be the first to watch it..
(Still in download, come on baby, finish it)
Muwakakakakakakakakakaakakaaaa !! ^^

Check out the trailer, while i'll watch the real one's later on

Assignment PART 2..

Well been doing assignment since just now, and truly its starting to freak me out whether i would get it finish on time, as this assignment is truly the most stressful one ever.

So plan for today, probably going to brake fast with my friends at city square, and watch a movie if i have some free time and BUDGET to be more precise. Hope today be a better day then before, as 24/7 full of stressful moment ^^'

P.S is raining non stop here, it be a GOOD time for a LONG NAP !!

i have been sitting in this room for hours thinking on the Abit system, and designing the DFD on how the system is suppose to more around. Truly is a hacting, as they're is a dozen of move's, no even mentioning the hidden move that you have to insert later on..
Damn ! hope god do have mercy on me..
*stress tahap cipan*

We head out to Singapore for our second day of fasting, luckly theyre was no interuption such as jammed on the causeway, or freaking hot temperature, cause damn that would affect my level of confidence on having a half day break.
We hang out first at bedok, to fetch up my cousin at my dad's side, while waiting for the time to strike 7.16, and truly it was an axious moment looking at the watch again, and again, thinking
"shit !! i need water.. time.. time.."

once the clocked strike, the baganza begins, all you can eat, till even have any energy to move.

So today is a new day, where are we heading today, hurmmm..

One people, one nation, one singapore.. keep our estate clean and green..
wooooooo !!

Check out the EVIL CAT !!
and trust me its freaking fat..

A reply for you..

No matter how it goes, i do try to be they're for you as a bro. So never give up, or lose hope in life. As life do move in mysterious ways, so take it as an experience to make you stronger, as challenge's in life do come and goes, the difference is whether you would accept it in a good or bad way.
So i'm here for you, so cheer up aite, and always look up for the future and never look back.

The bully part, i cant do anything as its in my blood, and truly i enjoy bullying and getting free chocolate, don't take it hard okeyh, as I'm sure you'll remember the moment when I'm gone then.

So cheer up, as I'm always they're for you..
So chaiyo !! they're and give a BIG smile or I'll shall pull ya cheeks till RED just to see you do..

Lots of bullying,
Flamix (syed)

I don't really feel that exhausted nor thirsty or hungry today during the 1st day of fasting. I truly don't know why, but i guess probably it cause by the hours of concentration on the assignment, and nagging to do the house work, such as getting ready for the new raya curtains, and damn its exhausting just pulling each curtain out hopping that i don't break or damage anything.

So we open fast today at the marina hotel, which is a buffet where all of my family gather, around 12 of us. RM67 for adult, and RM4? for children, but i don't know what happen, but the total come's to RM701.50, and damn that fucking expensive.
No matter what we did eat dozen of stuff, that truly filled me up to the max especially the grill meat, damn its SOFT and tasty.

Once done, we did have to go to giant tampoi, to get some groceries as i'll be going to singapore tomorrow. But during the session of finding the crap item around the place, i could actually see people crowding with smoke's, lights, car screeching, techno music everywhere. Where there was a car exhibition showing the full modified cars, with auwsome accesories, lights, HUGE speakers, and fire breathing exhaust, probably they fix NOS i guess. Check out the video that did record on my phone.

The time is at most in the end for the beginning of the mid sem break, and damn i'm so freaking excited about it. A 1week holiday boganza. What would i be doing then.
1) Sleep
2) Sleep
3) Sleep
4) Sleep
ohhhh !! yeah its fasting month, cant leave the eating time once the azan started till i'm full and aint able to even wake up :p
Skateboarding has to be sacrifice for now, so sori babe ya better stay in the store till puased has ended, and lets start shredding like a insane freak again ^^'

The worst part that i kept freaking out now, is how the fuck am i going back ! if i have'nt buy the tix yet. As the holiday is the same as the school student. Just hope there's some noob's theyre that hasn't got the chance to go home, so i can get a one way tix back HOME, HOME SWEET HOME where is miss my.
2) Variety of food in the FRIDGE that would never finish
3) Streamyx, as here i come for MORE DOWNLOADS
4) The car, motorbike is only in beranang, JB or Singapore is all care baby
5) My darling and comfortble bed, with aircond to switch on 24/7 at 16 tempreture
6) What else yewk.. To many in mind..
"SO bla bla bla"

Can’t hardly believe that creating a system would be so stressful till now, with the code’s, data or worse is the calculation “I Hate MATHS get it !”. I don’t know why, but I’m so addicted in finding answers to the question on completing the system as fast as I can, cause if I do try and do it in the last minute probably I’ll get freak out, and stress up as I keep thinking on that shit “when I’m going to finish it? Would I be able to do it on time? Can I handle this shit?” fucked !! I kept thinking it EVEN now. So the only thing i can do it, is 2 manage my time, and complete it in a specific target of time. Some people even call me a robot because of that "sape yewk?"
My mission now is finding a way to place the query total to be viewed in the text box. I’ve been trying that shit for hours, and I never been able to have a conclusion till now.
So if any one of you are a master in coding and query crap, do help me in finding a solution ^^

Despite the fact that there are many hardcore porn sites available, the gutter site is one of those “undesirable websites” to the Fascists ruling Malaysia. What they don't know is the gutter site is everywhere. What are they going to do block Facebook too? They can change the domain tomorrow if they wish, and solve the block problem in 2 minutes. Or just post what ever on the Facebook fan page. But still a lot of people are not happy after two weeks of their government blocking Malaysia's favorite blog for knocking their corrupt double standard politicians down a notch and scandals from around the word. The Star report:

Internet users upset over Govt’s filter



Published: Thursday August 6, 2009 MYT 9:12:00 PM

PETALING JAYA: Online and wire agency reports that the Government is mulling an Internet filtering system similar to China’s controversial “Green Dam” project has got the local online community in a huff, while technology experts questioned the viability of the project.

Online portals and wire agencies reported earlier Thursday that the Government has called for a tender for a system that could block “undesirable websites.”

Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim, whose ministry issued the tender, also plans to secure direct control over the content and monitoring division of Malaysia’s Internet regulator, Reuters quoted a source as saying.

Rais himself said last month that he would introduce measures to “control the bad” elements on the Internet.

Neither Rais, nor any of the government bodies related to technology, were available for comment at press time.

China’s Green Dam project sought to install software filters on all computers sold in the country to block pornography and “other harmful content,” but has been put on the backburner because of technical issues and a rising tide of protest from civil society in and outside China.

The Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (Pikom) was disappointed with what it said was the Malaysian Government’s attempt to censor the Internet.

“It has gone against its word to ensure the medium remains open and uncensored,” Pikom chairman David Wong said.

The MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees specifies that the Internet will not be censored to ensure the success of the MSC Malaysia initiative, he noted.

“It will also be difficult to filter ‘harmful content,’ especially that found in blogs, on the Internet as it knows no boundaries,” he said.

Wong said Internet users did not share their thoughts only on blogs, but also through social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, as well as chatrooms and forums.

He said a better and more viable measure would be to educate the public on the consquences of spreading harmful or irresponsible content.

Technology advocate Dinesh Nair said the Government’s efforts might just be in vain.

“They can try to filter the Internet but it won’t work,” he said.

He also believed that if the main reason was to block “undesirable content,” the Government would be better off using the educational approach.

If the Government were to block one “harmful site,” another would just pop up in its place, he added.

Internet users, he said, view online censorship as damaging and will always find ways to circumvent any such barrier.

“It’s better to educate the rakyat (people) to be proactive and identify these sites and exercise good Internet surfing habits, rather than censoring the Internet,” he said.

Artist and new media advocate Muid Latif said Internet censorship would only contribute to the negative growth of the Malaysian information and communications technology sector, especially in the area of creative content.

“This ridiculous restriction will reflect badly on Malaysia and potential investors will think twice about making an investment here,” he said.

Many in the Government have blamed the vibrant and critical Internet culture for Barisan Nasional’s losses in the 12th General Election in March last year, and there has been pressure from some quarters to muzzle the medium.

The Government had previously considered registering bloggers, many of whom are critical of the ruling coalition.

It's interesting watching an entire country take one giant step backward after reaching for the future. Poor the Malaysia people. The government is screwing the shit out of them and the gutter site must be costing them millions in censorship technology. People want to be free and to be free at least in their damn homes. What are the politicians afraid of if they have nothing to hide? Better question is what they have to hide? Or when it will be exposed? It might be on Facebook one day. Crazy rite.

P.S I'm not try to condemning the government, but i just hope they do know what they are doing, as words is spreading about the unhappiness towards the government now days, so hope changes is going to be made to a better way.

Damn !! hair loss if a HUGE factor in a guy, i don't wanna have a bold hair for the future, cause truly i'll looks like a freak then, as what malay people would describe it as, looking as YOOKIES dude. So proper action and early preparation is needed to be taken, check out this steps and better prevent from future hair loss okeyh, cause shit i dont want it to ever happen to me.

  1. No hair pulling - when you pull your hair you put strain on the follicle and this can result in permanent damage and the follicle no longer being able to grow again.
  2. No scalp rubbing - when you towel dry your hair be careful not to rub the scalp and damage your hair follicles. It's much better to pat the extra moisture away rather than rub.
  3. No wigs - unless your doctor has prescribed the use of a wig you should avoid it because your scalp isn't able to breath properly and the wig quite literally suffocates your follicles.
  4. The right shampoo - is important to your hair health. You might be surprised to find out that there really is scientific value in the shampoo you buy. To get the most for your money match it up to your hair type.
  5. No colorants or perms - both can lead to damage to your scalp and your hair follicles leaving them not able to support hair growth any longer.
  6. Wash thoroughly - your shampoo has soap and chemicals that can damage your hair and ruin your scalp if you do not rinse your hair properly.
  7. Avoid greasy foods - Your hair is a good way to analyze your health. Scientist's believe that just one strand of hair can be tested and tell if person is taking drugs, or if you are allergic to any foods. The old saying that you are what you eat is really quite true. Avoiding greasy food is good for your overall health and certainly your hair.
  8. Avoid sunburn to the scalp - and to the body for that matter. We all know how serious sunburn can be to our overall health and sunburn to the scalp can cause the follicle to be unable to produce hair because of the sunburn.
  9. Wash the sea out - or the chlorine for that matter. Washing your hair will get rid of the salt and chlorine and keep your scalp protected not lending damage to the hair follicles.
  10. Laser comb - there are more new technologies on the market that are designed to slow the effects of hair loss, especially in men. The Androhair laser comb is one of those technologies.

These 10 tips will help you keep your hair healthy and help you prevent hair loss. So why wait another day ? Why risk the loss of hair when prevention is always the best medicine.

I can describe ABIT ! as the most hardest subject ever, as currently i'm scrapping my head up to complete the task i was given for this assignment which is to create a registration system, and truly is totally hard, and pretty confusing just to understanding which data is suppose to place in a specify database..
i guess i can be bold in a sec. if i still think about it, my best opinion for now is.
Lets SLEEP !!

Here are a few hot nude pictures of Twilight star Ashley Greene that just got leaked online, and damn it would freak the fan out knowing this. There are no other words in the English language that sound as good as Ashley Greene leaked nude pictures. Proving Vanessa Hudgens is not the only attention whore that can have leak nude photos, Ashley Greene had hers leaked and surprise! She is completely shaved. Earlier today, nude photos of Ashley started to circulate around the Internet like a storm. At the moment it is not known where the leak came from or how. She or her people (lawyers) have yet to make an official statement about the leaked nude pictures. So I will take the silence as confirmation it is her. What is up with these young Hollywood starlets? First,
Vanessa Hudgens had her naked camwhore pictures leaked last week and now it looks like Ashley Greene is the latest “victim” of having her own camwhoring leaked nude photos onto the web. I would just like to thanks Vanessa Hudgens for starting this young female celebrity leaked camwhoring revolution.

Out of all the young starlets out and about these days, the last person I thought we would see naked is Ashley Greene. The funny thing is that I would have said that about Vanessa two years ago. LOL... There must be something in the water in the L.A. area. Anyway, these naked photos of Ashley are causing a huge buzz on the Internet. Everywhere they have been posted so far have one of two watermarks from two popular sites so lets bust their bubble by posting them without a damn watermark. But as usual guys, censorship is included here, so hope ya don't get pissed aite ^^

Ashley Michele Greene (born February 21, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.) is an American television and film actress. She is best known for playing Alice Cullen in the 2008 film Twilight, and will be reprising the role in its sequels.

Greene initially planned to become a model, but was told that she wasn't tall enough to be a runway model and should instead focus on commercials. After taking commercial and acting classes, she fell in love with acting and realized that she preferred it over modeling. Greene thus graduated high school early at the age of 17 and moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career. Since then, she has appeared as a guest on many popular television programs, such as Punk'd and Crossing Jordan. Greene's big break came in 2008 when she was cast as Alice Cullen in Twilight, a film based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. Greene will be reuniting with her Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz in the upcoming movie Warrior. She will also reprise her role as Alice in the 2009 sequel to Twilight, New Moon, and 2010's Eclipse. Greene will also be starring in an upcoming thriller film, Summer's Blood, which is set to be released in summer 2009.

I was thinking bout what the hell i wanna today. But something actually pop up, even though its kinda stupid since the plan just occur yesterday night. But totally fun, well i've been nagging this someone to post her donkey shrek pix "as she know's who she actually is?" so i'm still waiting for her new post, if she dare's to, to put it on..
lets wait and see then aite. Bring it on !! ^^'

GI-Joe the movie !

I never knew the small action figure that i do play when i was a kid, turn out in a HUGE box office movie. And totally to my opinion it has the same grade and action as Transformers that i did manege to watch couple of months ago.
Auwsome gadgets, action, but the main point is the freaking HOT gurl that do act in the movie ! as the EVIL CHICK in the beginning, dang !!
By the way u gotta check out this movie, and trust me u'll fully be staisfied with it.
N HELL !! its better then the new harry potter.
It did make me sleep watching it..

Presenting Confide with their new album such great heights.
Damn !! i cant stop hearing it, and truly its a masterpiece ^^

I am thinking it´s a sign
That the freckles in our eyes
Are mirror images and when we kiss
They´re perfectly aligned

And I have to speculate
That God himself did make us
Into corresponding shapes
Like puzzle pieces from the clay

And true it may seem like a stretch
But it´s thoughts like this that catch
My troubled head when you´re away
When I am missing you to death

When you are out there on the road
For several weeks of shows
And when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home

They will see us waving from such great heights
Come down now they´ll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
Come down now but we´ll stay

I tried my best to leave
This all on your machine
But the persistent beat
It sounded thin upon listening

And that frankly will not fly
You will hear the shrillest highs
And lowest lows with the windows down
When this is guiding you home

They will see us waving from such great heights
Come down now they´ll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
Come down now but we´ll stay

guitar solo

(Come down now)

They will see us waving from such great heights
Come down now they´ll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
Come down now but we´ll stay


damn i got so fucked up staying at home, after 3 straight days my streamyx line broke down. I have no idea why? but i was not able to connect through. Been calling the service center like dozen's of time, and two reports have been taken by them, saying that "esok akan ok" and the next day SHIT ! never happen.
I guess i've wasted so many precious time because of the net getting fucked up ! damn !! i can download dozen's of movie if that never happen.
Do guys and gurls, sori for the late comment and chat reply aite ^^

Vanessa Hudgens Naked!

Two times is a charm in Hollywood, when it comes to naked photos. More naked photos of Vanesa Hudgens hit the web today. We don't know the back story yet, but until we do, please check out these photos and join us in analyzing the cultural significance of iPhone photography in the slut generation era and how it shapes our modern world.
But truly she is FREAKING HOT, and has a 5 star body posture wooooooo !
Damn !!
Check this out.
And tell me what do you think.

Proper censorship is provided, sori guys ^^

What should i do?

I'm having some option that is in mine..
either :
option A : watch a late night movie
option B : stay up all day long watching Astro
option C : stay up all day long playing the internet
option D : stay up all day skateboarding
option E : shopping while finding my new sweater and bag
option F : just sleep at home doing crap all day long

What do you think should i do? need help here..

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Happy birthday GURL !!

Anyway have a fabulous birthday, and keep getting old okeyh !!
and don't get jealous, as i'm always kept young and cute till now, sweet 18 skin yeah..
CHEARS ! from me and my bro's here to miss eyra
P.S i never forget ya pressie by the way, so chill aite

Shoppa holic !!

Damn, i cant hardly wonder why i am like this. May be because what ever i see that turns me on make it as my target to get that shit. So what to do, i'm a human. Who give's a shit what people say.
So i did a little shopping yesterday to replace my noobFAKE glass, which is either a original ray-ban as it would'nt have any affects on my eyes if i wore it for hours. But as i walk around a new style that come into my mind, old skool branded glasses is for the past, so i did make a change to get a Japanese style glasses that is design and crafted by the levelnine brand, which i have no clue what it is, but i know its either form japan or tokyo manufactured, and used by skater's theyre, and damn it costed like 400bucks. But what can i say, i want it, and i have to get it.
so in my list i have two more things to get which is some new shorts, a new nike sb shoes, sweater, and a new slipper that is used on beach walks, not that shitty jamban one's.

H1N1, Quarantine ??

Finally i'm back after after a couple of days of doing crap at home. As finally my college has to close down for a week because of the quarantine action, as the number of affected student kept rising affecting our college to take drastic action. "Is the action proper and quite good to me?"
Hell ! No !! cause even though were having a week holiday would probably be replaced either by canceling our mid sem break, or having class on weekends, n trust me that sucks!!
What do u think guys, am i rite on this point?
post up and give your opinion

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