GI-Joe the movie !

I never knew the small action figure that i do play when i was a kid, turn out in a HUGE box office movie. And totally to my opinion it has the same grade and action as Transformers that i did manege to watch couple of months ago.
Auwsome gadgets, action, but the main point is the freaking HOT gurl that do act in the movie ! as the EVIL CHICK in the beginning, dang !!
By the way u gotta check out this movie, and trust me u'll fully be staisfied with it.
N HELL !! its better then the new harry potter.
It did make me sleep watching it..


  1. Allison said...

    totally agree.. love the movie :)  

  2. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. totally i'm going to watch it twice again ^^  

  3. mintAng_teLip2 said...

    besh keP Cite nEh ??. . .hUa~. .  

  4. Syed Salleh said...

    best betul tau :p  

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