A brand new leaked picture of the box tag shows that indeed at least one of the phones will indeed be an iPhone 4S and will come in white straight off the bat.

Could this be true.. Or just fake.. Lets just wait and see.


Celcom Nokia N9 Malaysia

Celcom has put up a Nokia N9 teaser on its website. It’s not big secret that Celcom (and DiGi) will be the operators that will offer plans for the very interesting Nokia N9. This was announced during the Nokia N9 event held earlier this month. The only question is, when will the device be available and how much subsidy will the operators offer.

The Nokia N9 will retail from RM1,799 for the 16GB version and RM2,088 for the 64GB version without contract and is expected to be in stores withing the first two weeks of October.

Celcom’s tease tells us that the launch is going to be soon, it’s going to be be grand and Celcom could be ahead of DiGi in launching the N9.

So lets check out the nokia N9 preview


We know there are a number of you guys/girls out there who have been waiting for the availability of the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II in Malaysia but stocks are limited. Expect more stores and retailers to start carrying this variant of the popular Android phone.

At the same time, retail price for the device has also dropped from RM2,099 to RM1,899. This is probably the best time to get one of the world’s bestselling Android phone..

Lets Go ! to the android side :)

I've been in love with android, since the first time i bought my Samsung galaxy s 2, and totally its the best operating system, where there is no limit to the capability.. Hell yeah ! to open source android.. So here i would like to discuss on the new android ice cream sandwich that be launching by Google estimated on October or November.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is set to change all that, conquering fragmentation with its one-size-fits-all solution for Android screens large and small. Always searching for the next treat in its enticing alphabet of releases, tipsters are sharing news of what's to come after the ice cream, even though manufacturers and carriers are still upgrading existing devices to Gingerbread. (More details below the chart.)
It's always good to get a little perspective, and in light of that, here's a look at milestones in Google's Android operating system, from its humble beginnings to its current ambitions in tablet domination.

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0?)
The shift from Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 2.3 Gingerbread was fairly modest, so it makes sense that Ice Cream Sandwich will do heavier lifting. Already, leaked screenshots and details paint a picture of the confection to come--although it's still wise to take these with a grain of salt, since nothing is confirmed and much can change before a design reaches its final stages.

-New interface to unite smartphone and tablet UIs
-Blue themes
-New placement of Google search bar
-Redesigned app launcher
-Redesigned notification bar (shows thumbnail images)
-Richer resizable widgets
-Camera will include panorama mode
-Redesigned Gmail app
-Google Shopper app for NFC
-Facial tracking software
-Google movie rental services

So looking forwards to it in the early future :)

Here is a slight difference that we could see which i found out on perodua Myvi 1.5 SE and Myvi 1.5 Extreme, which is a top seller car now in malaysia, so lets check it out :)

Myvi 1.5 SE on the left and Myvi 1.5 Extreme with more aggressive bodykit on the right

Looks-wise, the Myvi 1.5 has a smarter front grille design and reprofiled bumpers that give a more distinctive appearance. Like previous SE versions, the emphasis is on sportiness and there are pronounced side skirts with styling elements on the rear bumper that should please the boy-racer types.
For those who want even more aggressive looks, there is an additional version called the Myvi Extreme which has a front airdam extension attached (you could also buy this separately and fix it to the SE). Black is used to accent certain elements giving a bolder, more aggressive appearance.
The SE has six colour choices and the Extreme has three, with Majestic Yellow being a new shade. The aggressiveness of the Extreme is more apparent with the bright colours (Majestic Yellow and Ivory White) but a bit lost with the dark shade of Ebony Black though black does still look bold.
In the cabin, the most obvious difference from the Myvi 1.3 is that the all-black colour theme instead of the 2-tone theme on the dashboard. This is in keeping with the sportier image and metallic accents on various panels provide a touch of stylishness. Where the dashboard had a more horizontal emphasis visually, in the Myvi 1.5, this is not the case and the central area is highlighted with metallic finish.

Myvi 1.5 SE dashaboard

Myvi 1.5 Extreme dashboard that looks much more Eligence includes its navigation system

Myvi 1.5 SE seat

Myvi 1.5 Extreme seat, leather and looks much more extreme

►13% more power, 16% more torque

►11% improvement in weight-to-power ratio

►Uprated suspension with stiffer dampers

►Extreme version has standard multimedia package

►Price range from RM50,900 – RM61,700

iPhone 5 Launch

News is out that apple is restricting employee vacations over the second week of October in anticipation of some kind of product launch...

So here's a clue that the ITS ALMOST TIME.

If you work probably for Apple and you’re planning to take vacation in the first part of October, don’t be surprised if your horrible boss rejects your request for days off.. And totally its going to sucked. In term on consumer, i wounldt care, as long the new iPhone 5 would be launching as fast as possible.

By the way the rejection do occur because Apple is restricting employee vacations over the second week of October in anticipation of some kind of product launch, according to AppleInsider.

Don’t worry -- if you work a comfy exec job, you probably won’t be denied your siesta. It’s more for the people who work in the stores that are going to be mobbed by waves of customers for the new iPhone 5.

Apple blocked the dates October 9th-12th, as well as the 14th and 15th. The best educated guesses hypothesize that the first date will correlate to the launch of iOS 5, while the dates in the middle of the month correlate to the launch of the new holy grail of mobile phones, which means we’re less than three weeks away.

We’ll find out the specifics on October 4th, as Apple CEO Tim Cook is set for what most expect to be his first product launch since assuming Steve Jobs’ old role.

So come to papa baby !

Check out on the new MOTOROLA ATRIX 2 which does support the lapdock function. Where you just plug it in, and it function like a netbook.

In term of spec the Atrix 2 will feature a 4.3Inch qHD display, 8MP camera with LED flash, 1GB RAM, 8GB On board storage with of course an expansion slot.

The brand new lap dock, will be a slight reduction of the 11.6inch screen to a more standard 10.1 one. As for connectivity, the lap dock no longer requires the phone to be docked into it, rather connecting it with a cable too, letting you possibly use compatible Motorola devices with it too.

So be looking forward to it..

Damn.. This guy is freaking dope ! playing PUMPED UP KICKS which remixed by "butch clancy"

Check out his move, totally i'm going to slow mo this vid, and try it out..

Just hope i dont actually hurt myself when i bend like em.

Cross my fingers :p

If ur interested on the remix: you can get it here Download

Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn: Rowan Atkinson returns to the role of the accidental secret agent who doesn't know fear or danger in the comedy spy-thriller Johnny English Reborn. In his latest adventure, the most unlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service must stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos. In the years since MI-7's top spy vanished off the grid, he has been honing his unique skills in a remote region of Asia. But when his agency superiors learn of an attempt against the Chinese premier's life, they must hunt down the highly unorthodox agent. Now that the world needs him once again, Johnny English is back in action. With one shot at redemption, he must employ the latest in hi-tech gadgets to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI-7. With mere days until a heads of state conference, one man must use every trick in his playbook to protect us all. For Johnny English, disaster may be an option, but failure never is.
(Watch Full Movie)
Currently 4.54/5
(198 votes)
Released: September 15, 2011
Runtime: 101 mins
Genres: Comedy
Countries: France UK USA
Actors: Allin Kempthorne Ben Miller Burn Gorman Chris Mansfield Dominic West Gillian Anderson Ian Shaw Mark Ivanir Philip Harvey Richard Schiff Rosamund Pike Rowan Atkinson Stephen Campbell Moore Tasha de Vasconcelos Tim McInnerny Togo Igawa

First and for most i would like to say
"THANX NUFFNANG, for the 2 free tix for the premier,
and hell yeah you're auwsome !!"

Been getting two tix in a row for two separate competition. I guess its just my luck. Where by last monday i watched premier for fright night, and today for dream house.

So Guys and Girls, better keep up date with the nuffnang comunity, and who knows it might be your lucky day next time :)


"Kinda complicated, as the trailer is freaking scary.. But once u watch to the end, u'll get the twist of the story, and start to understand the true story line.. Cant tell what happen, but i'll give 3/5 stars"

I check out askmen, and damn they post an auwsome article on whether how we could find out if a person it still in love with you or not. Lets check it out.. Whether the signs is extremely accurate, is for us to find out..


Telltale Signs
She doesn't have to say key role in a letter for you to realize that things are going downhill in a relationship. There are generally three very obvious signs that every man should recognize:

1) She stops calling
Most women love attention and love it when men compliment them, look at them, ask them out. Women also love calling their boyfriends or husbands (and love receiving phone calls) because it gives them a chance to receive attention. Most couples I know are in daily contact with each other, no matter where they are in the world. A lot of married couples call each other at work, either to check up on each other or out of boredom.

Suddenly one day, she stops calling . Very subtly you realize that the phone doesn't ring quite as often, until one day it almost never does. This is a big sign . If a woman stops calling you, it is because she feels she shouldn't make the time or effort to call. When a woman is in love, she will bend over backwards for her man. When she isn'tsee ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

2) She stops caring and stops acting jealous
After a woman stops calling you, more of her behavior starts to change. Most women are at least a tad jealous by nature. Most women deny it, but it's true. Women don't want to share their men with anyone, so they do what's necessary to keep them happy (this includes: baking a cake, going shopping with his mom, ironing his shirts, and oral sex).

So when your girlfriend or wife suddenly stops acting jealous or no longer does things for you, watch out. When she stops asking about your day or getting mad at you for looking at other women, start counting the days. She's not in love with you anymore.

3) Do you want to go to the movies?
The third sign that things are going badly is actually pretty simple. If you go to the movies every time you go out with your partner, this is another sign . Being at a movie theater is a great excuse to spend time together without actually having to say a word to one another.

If a woman says, why don't we just go see a movie? every time you want to go out, she is really saying I don't want to spend time with you, especially in public because I think you are an idiot .

Not exactly in those words of course, but you get the point.


Sony Ericsson has had smaller phones for a while now in the form of the X10 mini but aside from being designed with Oompa Loompa's in mind, the phone just wasn't very good, not spec-ed with modern mobile OS' in mind. Enter the Xperia Ray, what looks like a perfect inbetweener compared to the Arc and X10 Mini, with the guts of the former. Designed with the user in mind, we had the opportunity to check it out in Japan a few weeks ago (Check Out The Post Here!) and after using it for a while, my pre conceived notions of modern mobile phones has been flipped turned upside down.

So what did I think of Sony Ericsson's mid sized smartphone? Find out after the jump!

As with most Android mobiles these days, I was skeptical about how this could be a viable choice with the SGS 2's and HTC Sensations in the world. The 3.3inch screen and svelte size was laughable at first glance, but after using it, I finally understood the method behind Sony Ericsson's madness.

Let me digress to a better time, where snake was the Angry Birds and T9 was our Swiftkey; Polyphonic ringtones were all the rage and wallpapers had to be downloaded from the pages and pages of ads in all the magazines. The one thing in common with all our phones was the ability to type an SMS message under the table, one handed, blind. Navigation of menus and pretty much everything on the phone was able to be done one handed. Fast forward to 2011, it looks like one handed operation is back.

The ray is designed with that in mind, every corner of the screen is reachable by your thumb while holding it in your hand, letting you cover the entire 3.3Inch screen. We've all gotten too used to 2 handed operation to remember the good ol days.

The ray has been described as the mini-arc as the hardware specs are pretty much the same as the arc, all squeezed in the ray body, however the ray does not suffer from the common complaint of the arc, the plasticky body syndrome. The ray is very well built, feeling amazing in your hand, in particular the black model we have has a matte rubberised finish on the rear.

Lets check out the full review on the video below..





Apple might have never even confirmed its existence but still, almost everybody throughout the world is anticipating the release of iPhone 5. Apple will announce the release date of the iPhone 5 on October 4th. Months of speculation regarding features, a lost prototype that police were called in to search for and the departure of Steve Jobs has cranked up the hype for Apple’s latest generation of its mobile phone.

According to an insider report, Apple will be having a huge media event on that particular day to announce the device. Not only that, the source added that Apple is currently working on making sure that it will be available for consumers to get their hand on within few weeks after the event. Yes, we can already see some of you smiling there.

Whether the above iPhone 5 picture is true or just a fake. Lets just hope when the release come's out, it look hot and auwsome..

Nvidia Tegra 3 review

CES 2011 was an occasion for manufacturers to flood the market with a plethora of Android devices, and powering many of them was NVidia's Tegra 2 chip.
Released late last year, the Tegra 2 chip uses the "system-on-a-chip" design to integrate an ARM CPU (1GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor) and a NVidia GPU into one package. This allows faster communication between the cores and the integrated memory controller. Most of the tablets and smartphones, and other unique hybrids, launching in 2011 will be using the Tegra 2 chips.

But, no sooner has the dust settled and NVidia is already planning for the future. A leaked slide from NVidia reveals that the Tegra 2 will soon be replaced by the Tegra 2 3D, which will subsequently be usurped by the "world's first mobile quad-core processor," the Tegra 3.

The Tegra 2 3D bumps the speed of the integrated ARM processor to 1.2GHz and adds mobile 3D support. If manufacturers start integrating the Tegra 2 3D into their devices, your smartphone and tablet will have 3D displays that will not require any glasses (like the Nintendo 3DS).

Aside from the introduction of mobile 3D displays, the Tegra 2 3D is merely a power boost. In contrast, the Tegra 3, launching in Fall 2011, will be a completely new revolution in mobile processors. The T30 Tegra 3 chip, made for tablets, will integrate four 1.5GHz Cortex-A9 processors and a 3x faster GPU that will be able to support Blu-ray video and displays with up to 1920x1200 pixel resolution. The slide also indicates that the T30 will feature an "ULP CPU mode"; this is nVidia's Ultra Low Power mode - probably a form of idle core deactivation. The T30's little brother for smartphones, the AP30, will come with quad or dual-core options and will have a GPU that will support displays of up to a 1366x768 pixel resolution.

I am contemplating waiting till 2012 for Tegra 3 powered tablets!

Not wanting to be left behind, U Mobile is also offering the Samsung Galaxy S II. Finally, the underdog telco has a flagship android device just like the other big 3 – Maxis, Celcom and DiGi. The discovery was found thanks to a tip off from an SMS sent by U Mobile.

According to the message, the Samsung Galaxy S II is offered from as low as RM849. To find out more, the message suggest visiting their U Mobile stores or their website. At point of posting, no details are available on u.com.my. Like the RM399 Samsung Galaxy Tab offer, we would expect the Galaxy S II to be tied with U Premium postpaid plan for 24 months.

We will share more details once we find out more.


Put down the Hydroxycut and slowly step away. There’s a much more natural way to trim down.

Eating an apple before mealtime can lower your intake of calories during your dining -- and the amount is significant. Appetite magazine concluded that consuming an apple before lunch can decrease your caloric ingestion at the meal by about 15%.

The study showed that those who curbed their appetite with an apple before lunch ingested 185 calories less during the meal. That alone could lead to shedding 1.5 pounds per month and 20 pounds per year. If you nosh on an apple before dinner, as well, the gains could potentially double.

Before you ask, candied apples, apple pie and spiced apple cake don’t count. If you pound those before each meal instead of the good old wholesome version of the round fruit, your weight will head in the other direction.

How do you like them apples?


ooVoo vs skype review

Referred by a friend on Seesmic, the other day I tried out ooVoo (http://ooVoo.com) on my notebook. It’s an application similar to Skype, but features a lot more video functions. Besides one-on-one video chats and calls, you may also hold group video conversations with up to 6 ooVoo participants and 6 phone participants.

Have you ever been craving for a function on Skype to record phone calls? With ooVoo, not only can you do that, but also with the videos of both parties! It’s something like you see on a TV interview, with both the host and the distant party video windows showing up on the screen.

Another step forward beyond Skype is the ability to record video clips, which you can post to your blog, embed on your web site or send to your friends as an E-mail attachment. If you want something fancy, there are also hundreds of effects from Webcammax included to enhance your video. Use distorting mirror effects to surprise your friend, or put on a mask to fake Harry Potter.

ooVoo web site is currently partially localized into several languages, including Simplified Chinese. The client software is available in these languages too. I evaluated its Chinese translation in the software, while the general translation is good – much better than Skype’s, there’s still room to improve.

Of course, you can’t expect ooVoo beta to be perfect. For example, it lacks some useful features Skype has. The public chat function on Skype is something I can’t dispense with. In my daily job, localization team members use it to facilitate communication on issues during i18n. A temporary group chat is not as convenient when such work lasts for a long time or on a regular basis. ooVoo could also interfere with other video recording software. When it is running in the background, you could lose your voice in another video recording process.

In the video, we see how the Windows 8 platform stacks up against the iPad iOS 5 in terms of the user interface accessibility, the browser and the keyboard.

So which is better, it's up to you. check it out.

iPhone 4GS review

Are you ready for a new ride on the iPhone 4GS rumor roller-coaster? We’re looking at the first leaked images of the iPhone 4S/5, or should I say, the iPhone 4GS, And come to think of it the design looks similar like the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4GS is a smartphone name that makes plenty of sense. In case certain rumors are real, then the iPhone 4GS could be for the iPhone 4 while the iPhone 3GS is for the iPhone 3G, a minor refresh.

Big Boat

The images available here have been found all the way in China where Apple.pro, otherwise a decent source of previous Apple product leaks and rumors, has found them on Weibo, which is China’s own Twitter service.

Big Boat

We’re apparently looking at a test iPhone 4GS unit that happens to run iOS 4.0 out of the box, which is definitely strange. While we don’t have all the specs this unit looks very much like the iPhone 4 and, according to diagnostic software it sports a 5-megapixel camera on the back, just like its predecessor.

Big Boat

The iTunes profile of the device seems to be somewhat different than the current iPhone 4’s iTunes image (available in the our first image), and I’ll leave you judge it for yourself in this comparison image:

Big Boat

We wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually the next-gen iPhone, whether called the iPhone 4GS, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. In fact some rumors say that the fifth-generation smartphone is being tested under disguise, so we may be looking at the first images of Apple’s next smartphone. Stay close, as we’ll bring you more detailed information about this particular leak as soon as we have it!

Thx again to nuffnang for their auwsome competition. I've already two premier movie tickets in a row, and yeah its freaking auwsome.

The movie that i just won is tittled the dream house. Is a horrom movie i guess.. Jut by watching the trailer already gave me chills..

The venue and time is stated below.

Date: 26 September 2011 (Monday)
Time: 9.15 pm
Venue: GSC MidValley

So hope to see all the bloggers then again !

Check out the trailer.

My samsung galaxy S 2 where i bought from Singtel Singapore, got a bit crazy when i switch to the custom lightning rom two days ago. And totally it was freaking me out, with legginess when i scroll between page's. Due to the worried of it getting crappier by minute, i had then to do a research on ways to restore my original stock firmware for my S2.
It works, and no worries, your warranty wouldn't get voided, as once you restore your firmware, the yellow triangle error be gone..
So lets check it out..


Stock Firmware

Step by Step Guide

1. Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
2. Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
3. ClockworkMod Recovery or stock Recovery Mode will be loaded then.
4. Select wipe data/factory reset.
5. Then select Yes — delete all user data.
6. Turn off your phone after that.
7. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
8. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
9. Odin download mode will be loaded.
10. Connect USB cable to your phone.
11. At PC, extract the stock firmware .tar file that you downloaded to Firmware folder.
12. Then bring up Odin3.
13. Click on PDA.
14. Select the .tar at Firmware folder.
15. Click Start then.
16. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
17. Android OS will be loaded.
18. Then follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
19. Turn off your phone.
20. Plug in Micro USB Jig to Samsung Galaxy S II.
21. Odin download mode will be loaded.
22. And Custom binary download counter will be reset.
23. Remove USB Jig and reboot your phone.

And that's it, any problem just post up your question alrite :)

Sony has not revealed any details on the eventual release of their new handheld gaming device the PlayStation Vita until now. During their recent Tokyo Game Show briefing, it has been revealed that the device will hitting Japan on December 17 with pre-orders to begin from 15 October onwards.

The device will be priced at RM 1,204 (JPY 29,980) for 3G models while the WiFi-only model will come with RM 1,004 (JPY 24,980) price tag; exactly like what Sony's Kazuo Hirai has said before. Unfortunately, release and pricing details for other regions are still in hiding somewhere within Sony. Hence, the wait continues.

Where else the spec that is provided do include the usual, camera, Microphone, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 3g connection, 5-inch OLED touchscreen (maximum resolution of 960x544 pixels) and the size 182x84x19mm

Knowing that Samsung Galaxy S3 be launching on 2012.. May be i'll be getting it just to get a taste of quad core phone..

By the way lets check out on more detail on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Going with the specifications its expected to obviously be an upgrade of the Galaxy S2 with the Camera being 12Mp, quad-core processor, a super-bright AMOLED 3D screen with NFC, 4G Supported device etc. to name a few. Also its expected that this would be the first phone which would feature the Ice Cream Sandwich. Also the screen size should be around 4.5″ which beats the LG Optimus 3D and also offer you with 4G connectivity support. Lets wait and watch how all this goes and when the phone would be actually be available to you and then you can decide if its worth upgrading your current phone or not. It is also said that this phone will be launched in the first half of FY’12. So, just in case if you have not purchased the last phone from the Samsung which is the Samsung Galaxy S2 then its probably just time to wait as you can buy an all new and probably the World’s best would be smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3.
Undoubtedly, Samsung is betting very big on this handset as its in no mood to disclose things about this Samsung Galaxy S3 anything Officially. This smart phone is going to be the World’s slimmest smart phone ever which was disclosed by our close source from Samsung. Another most important feature which is speculated is that it will be having the lowest SAR value which is basically the radiation emitted by the phone. With rising health concerns around the Globe and people’s preference on talking on the phone more than meeting personally, its very important ensure that you have a smart phone which has the lowest SAR Level. With higher SAR levels, the phone tends to get heated up which can in turn damage the brain. Considering the fact that by 2012, the 4G will turn into reality and almost maximum countries will be witnessing the 4G, this support also looks possible. So, in all if you have a look at some of the core features or say USPs then these will be 12MP camera with probably CMOS Sensor with it.

Highlight Features of Samsung Galaxy S3:

NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip..
3rd generation Super AMOLED 3D Screen..
Ultra Low SAR Levels..
Blazing fast Speeds with Quad Core Processor..
Probable 4G Supported Phone..
Slimmest Smart Phone ever..

Download windows 8

Check out what Microsoft Windows 8 got has to offer so far? As you are actually able to install that very operating system on your machine. All you got to do is download the Windows Developer Preview from Windows Dev Center here and off you go.

The Windows Developer Preview comes in three different flavors which include one each for 64-bit and 32-bit machines as well as a 64-bit version that is bundled together with developer tools. Microsoft claimed that the Windows Developer Preview can be run on the same hardware as per Windows Vista and Windows 7 which require at least a 1GHz processor, 1 to 2GB or RAM, 16 to 20GB of disk space and a DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. Of course, if you would like to check out Windows 8 much touted touch capabilities, then you would need a multi-touch display as well.

No activation is needed to run Windows Developer Preview on your machine but since it is a pre-release software, Microsoft is not providing any support or warranty for the operating system. So, if you are ready to taste the next chapter of Microsoft Windows, lets go on..

Welcome to the new windows 8 millennium.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Beta FIRST LOOK video

Big Boat

The new 2011 Perodua Myvi 1.3 was launched in June 16 with 3 variants: Standard, Premium and Elegance. To further boost the sales of Myvi model, Perodua now launched 2 new variants – the new Myvi SE and Myvi Extreme with 1.5-litre DOHC 16V DVVT engine to all its prospective customers. The new Myvi 1.5 is marketed with the catchphrase “Lagi Power, Lagi Best”.

Despite the fact that Perodua developed the New Myvi 1.5 at the same time as the current Myvi 1.3 model. However, we think that Perodua have done a great job in styling the car and well responded to their customer requirement and feedback in terms of performance.

The new Myvi SE and Myvi Extreme are priced between RM 50,900 and RM 61,700 depending on the specifications. Both variants offer the choice of 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

On-the-Road (OTR) price in Peninsular Malaysia

Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE
- Manual – RM50,900 – RM 51,400
- Automatic – RM 53,900 – RM 54,400 (with standard audio headunit)
- Automatic – RM 56,000 – RM 56,500 (with multimedia & navigation system)

Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme
- Manual – RM 58,200 – RM 58,700
- Automatic – RM 61,200 – RM 61,700

Big Boat

The performance of the New Myvi SE and Myvi Extreme have uprated and now fitted with 1.5-litre DOHC 16V DVVT (3SZ-VE) engine. The power plant delivers a maximum power of 76kW (102hp) @ 6,000rpm with a max torque of 136Nm @ 4,400rpm. Likewise, the previous generation of Myvi SE is fitted with the standard 1.3-litre engine.

The new Myvi 1.5 SE and Extreme in manual transmission can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 9.98 seconds compared with the previous Myvi SE’s which takes 12.49 seconds.

Based on Perodua Testing Data, the fuel consumption of the New Myvi 1.5-litre manual is tested to deliver 15.9km/litre. While the New Myvi 1.5-litre automatic is tested to deliver 12.9km/litre.

The entire suspension system for both variants have been slightly re-tuned to accommodate the bigger engine for better handling and ride comfort.

Big Boat

Weigh against the new Myvi 1.5 SE and Extreme, the Myvi 1.5 Extreme comes standard with a more aggressively styled body-kit, multimedia system with navigation (built-in GPS, DVD player, Bluetooth with hands-free function, USB port), semi-bucket seats with leather covers, and tinted windows. In the other hand, the Myvi 1.5 SE only comes with fabric semi-bucket seats, standard SE body-kit, and multimedia system with navigation (for Myvi 1.5 SE Auto only).

Big Boat

On the colour variations, the New Myvi 1.5 SE comes in 5 colours (Solid Majestic Yellow, Solid Ivory White, Metallic Mystical Purple, Metallic Ebony Black, and Metallic Glittering Silver). At the same time, the New Myvi 1.5 Extreme only comes in 3 colours (Solid Majestic Yellow, Solid Ivory White, and Metallic Ebony Black).

Big Boat

In the safety aspect, both variants are equipped with dual SRS airbags, ABS with EBD and BA system as standard. Moreover, Perodua claims that the new variants also come with a collision-resistant body to better withstand impact as well as have pedestrian protection to reduce the likelihood of serious injury to pedestrians.

All Perodua including the New Myvi 1.5 SE and Myvi 1.5 Extreme come standard with 3-year/100,000km warranty (and optional 2-year/50,000km extended warranty).

Recently, Perodua was awarded with 4-star Malaysian Vehicle Assessment Programme (MyVAP) rating by the Malaysian Insitute of Road Safety (MIROS) for the New Myvi including the 1.3 (Standard, Premium and Elegence) and 1.5 (SE and Extreme).

iPhone 5 release date might be most buzzing topic among tech geeks. There had been this buzz for months about the iPhone 5 release date scheduled to be on September 5. However, there seems to have been a change in the date once again with fresh rumors indicating the launch to be in 21 October now. According to rumors, Apple has planned to sell as many as 25 million iPhones by the end of 2011. A recent report claims that 35 percent of people are planning to buy the iPhone 5 which means that the sales estimates of this next generation iPhone are going to be quite high.

The iPhone 5 is going to be the fifth one after iPhone original, 3, 3GS and 4 though there is still the uncertainty of whether this next version iPhone will be named an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S. Apple’s strict confidential policy is highly against revealing any information about its upcoming devices till it is officially announced by the company. Therefore, information regarding the next iPhone is still under cover.

Apple iPhone 5 launch date is nearing and people are wondering how the new iPhone is going to look like. There has been this buzz in the market that Apple plans to include advanced technology in its next iPhone. This new generation iPhone is reported to be more thin and slim than its current model, its display being larger and edge-to-edge with more clarity and an 8-megapixel camera with advanced battery. Going with the WWDC 2011 announcements, it is certain that Apple will play its iPhone 5 on iOS 5 and will feature iCloud, Apple’s cloud-based media service.

According to reports if the iPhone 5 release date had been scheduled in September the new service and iCloud iOS5 operating system of this next generation iPhone of Apple would not have been in perfect harmony with the season. Therefore, it was decided to take the date further. There have also been gossips about the delay being part of Apple’s carefully planned strategy of releasing the iPhone on the brink of the holiday season so as to have all eyes on its highly anticipated new iPhone. Where else if my sources are right, iPhone 5 would be released in Malaysia by next year.

By the way check out this auwsome concept on iPhone 5

It may not be real, but IF IT WAS!

The Samsung Galaxy S II White Shows Off - Galaxy family expands with a white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. A new color to attract a female target more quickly and closer targets to sell Samsung which has well sell 10 million copies of its Smartphone star.

An objective should be achieved quickly, three months, the Korean, Samsung Galaxy S II sold 5 million while its glorious ancestor, the first name Galaxy S, has sold nearly 15 million copies. Samsung enhances its branch wisely Telecom has seen its operating profit doubled in a year.
About the prospects unattractive branches TV, slabs and semi-conductor, mobility became the first growth driver for Samsung passes the second manufacturer in the world of Nokia smartphone before.

The timing of this report is perfect as it comes just before the Samsung Super Phone enters the U.S. market. Samsung Galaxy S II, a new level when he recorded a turnover of five million units in 85 days. The phone is touted to counter the threat of the iPhone. Samsung Galaxy S II is an ultra-thin Android mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S II weighs 4 ounces and one is 0.33 inches thick. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core chipset and comes with 1 GB RAM, 16/32GB internal memory. Samsung Galaxy S II runs on Android 2.3 or juice, gingerbread and is equipped with a rear-facing and front 8MP Camera 2MP. Samsung Galaxy S II provides a way to 1080p video capture. Samsung Galaxy S II has a 4.3-inch screen Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 800×480. The White Galaxy S2 will be available in early September in 590 euros at some dealers.

Launch date for malaysia extimate by November 2011

Looking forward to it !!

HTC Sensation XE review

Big Boat
HTC have strayed away from their naming conventions with the latest leaked details of the HTC Runnymede. Strangely named after a village in England, the Runnymede is the first phone to reap the benefits to the brand new partnership with Beats audio. The phone itself will come with beats earphones rather than the generic earbuds, which of course was expected. Specs wise, the phone is one heck of a phone, featuring a 4.7inch display, the nearly 10cmmm thick phone sports 768MB of RAM as well as a 1.5GHz Qualcomm chip and a f2.2 8MP camera. That certainly sounds like a beast of a phone, size and feature wise.

We have no idea about the availability of the phone over here in Malaysia, but if the UK prices are anything to go by, the phone will retail for £499 and £530 for the 16 and 32GB models respectively.

(Source: Engadget, lowyat.net)

HTC runnymede review

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The HTC Runnymede might be the first known HTC smartphone that carries the Beats Audio brand on its body but the honour of being the first official HTC device to carry the well-known audio brand actually belongs to the newly announced Sensation XE. Both of them are the fruit of HTC’s recent investment into Beats Technology, LLC.

Featuring almost the same hardware as the existing HTC Sensation such as 4.3-inch display, 768MB RAM, 1GB internal storage, front facing VGA camera and 8-megapixel auto-focus dual LED flash camera with full HD video recording capability, the HTC Sensation XE is equipped with a faster 1.5GHz dual-core processor as well as a larger capacity battery at 1730mAh. The device also comes together with an exclusive Beats by Dr. Dre in-ear headset that is equipped with remote control for audio playback and phone calls.
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Once the headset is plugged into the device, its sound profile will automatically switched to a custom sound profile made specifically for the headset which further strengthens Sensation XE status as a Beats-approved smartphone. No pricing is available for the time being but the smartphone has been scheduled to be released into selected market including Asia Pacific region starting from the end of September onwards.

(Source: HTC, lowyat.net)

At the recent Sony Ericsson Christmas in July showcase we spotted the latest handset from the company's joint venture: the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray.

The new phone is another phone that marks the brand's rise from the smartphone doldrums - sure, the Xperia Play and Xperia Neo might not have been the greatest phones to ever leave the factory, but the Ray offers some decent tech in a low-price package.

The Xperia Ray is an altogether smaller affair than the likes of the Xperia Arc and Play, with a 3.3-inch screen on the front, powered by the same Bravia engine we've seen on a number of other SE handsets, coming along for the ride.

Check it out, a videoo comparison of sony Ericsson Xperia™ Ray Review ,vs Arc & Mini vs Nokia N9, so u'll have a slight idea which is the best

When i woke up today. I got an email by nuffnang saying that, i've got 2 tickets for a premier screening invitation to watch fright night..

That would be held on the specified date and venue:
Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Fright Night
Date : 19 September 2011 (Monday)
Time : 9.30 pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve

How auwsome is that !
It happens just because i answer a previous competition posted before.. Where i have to provide my own idea on what would i do if i found out that my neighbor was a vampire?

So looking forward to it.. And catch you all bloggers there
Thanks a lot nuffnang. You're the best..
Better check out the trailer to get pump up !

Its better late than never with Maxis releasing their BlackBerry Bold 9900 plans allowing you to own this hot baby for as low as RM1,390 with a 24months BIS Pro signup. As it is, only 2 plans are available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, the BIS Pro plan which gives you 3GB of data for RM90 per month and a BIS standard that allows you 500MB of data for RM55 per month. However if you sign up to a contract, you get an additional 500MB free with the BIS Standard for the duration of your contact.

The plan and deal from Maxis seems a little bit disappointing and in all honesty, it doesn't sound like very much incentive for going green. Then again, not much incentive is needed when it comes to loyal Maxis subscribers anyway.

(Source: Lowyat.net)


Guys lets support the less and unfortunate by supporting the promise me campaign by the Truly Loving Company (TLC) which brings 12 corporations in Malaysia together to fulfill 12 golden wishes from charity organisations.

The campaign target is to help raise funds and help the Shah Alam orphanage, Rumah Aman replace their 15 year-old electricity wiring and lightning breaker system.

Rumah Aman is an orphanage located in Shah Alam, with complete facilities to care for poor boys who are orphaned or from needy families. Despite the best efforts to maintain the facilities, it is inevitable that things will degrade due to wear and tear. The old wiring means that the home is quite susceptible to power outages during storms, and the lightning has previously caused damage to the property before. Therefore, an upgrade is urgently needed to ensure the comfort of all the children there.

The upgrade from the current 2 phase electrical wiring system to a 3 phase one will cost an estimated RM 20,000, lets give our support and help Rumah Aman get the upgrades it needs. For more details on how you can help, head on to our blog post at http://www.nuffnang.com.my/blog/2011/08/26/tlc-promise-me-rumah-aman

I've manage to learn how to reset the window 7 operating password, and i give full recommendation as it works on my computer, as i've tested today by burning the application in a CD, and running it during the starting bios setup.
So no worries every one, you're in good hands..
So lets check it out!!

P.S if any problem, or need much help just post up. and i'll guide you

Quote from window server training

If you have been using a computer for any amount of time you have no doubt forgotten a Windows 7 password or two and have had to have it reset or recovered from you administrator at the office. With the increase of security on home computers Windows 7 now by default requires you to have a Windows password for the administrator account. If you forget or lose this at home there is no help desk to call unless you have a relative that does computer work, which is what most of my “extended family” does when something happens. In this case you are on you own, unless you want to pay a premium price to one of the “geek squad” out there to take care of it for you. Instead of bothering your second cousin on your sister in laws side of the family or paying out the nose from some “expert” that couldn’t work anywhere but a big box store for technology, I will walk you through how to reset your Windows 7 password for free.

Steps :

1. Create a bootable CD from http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/
2. Boot from the Bootable CD
3. First we select the disk where the windows system partition resides. In the case of this demo it is the number 2 dislk, you can see the disks listed in the output. I’m going to enter 2 and hit Enter
4. The next choice is to select the PATH to the windows system directory and registry. The program will find what it thinks is the correct path and put it in for default. Unless you know for sure this isn’t correct just hit Enter to accept the found path.
5. Next you will choose what part of the registry you want to work with, in this case we are going to go with “Password Reset” which is the SAM. For this we select 1 and hit Enter
6. Now you will select “Edit User Data and Passwords” by typing 1 and Enter
7. Finally! We now see a list of the users on this machine and whether they are an ADMIN or not. Type in the user name you want to reset, in this case it is WS Training and hit Enter
8. You will now see all the information about this account that is in the SAM. You have a few options here like including:
Clear User Password – Always works for me
Edit User Password – I have had iffy success with this
Promote User – Makes them an administrator account
Unlock & Enable User Account – In case you have locked out or disabled the account
In this instance I am going to choose 1 for “Clear User Password” and hit Enter
9.You should see the message Password Cleared! and then it will ask if there is another user to reset. If your done with recovery at this point then enter ! and hit Enter to quit.
10. Now you have to work your way out of the program just the way you came in. Hit q to quit out and hit Enter
11. The program now lists the files that have changed and if it should make the changes permanent. It is important to note that at this point you have been working with a copy of the account data and once you complete this step it will be saved to disk permanently. Click Y and Enter
12. You should see a ***Edit Complete*** message to show that the password reset has been saved and then you can choose to run the program again or exit by hitting Enter.
13. Now you can restart your machine and let it boot into the OS. You should be able to go straight to your desktop for the user that you removed the security for! Congratulations on recovering your Windows 7 password and not having to reinstall your OS and lose your data. You can now set your password again by hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL and choosing Change Password. In your old password just leave it blank, and fill in your new password in the two text spots, then click OK.

Here is video of the tutorial that is use.

Grey Anatomy Season 7

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