Nothing to post out today, so how bout i share on how to create a facebook badge for your blog.

1) Login to your facebook account

2) Select the profile page

3) Select the option "Add a badge to your site" that could be seen below your Friends

4) Select the type of badge that wanted to be used, for example mine is the "profile badges"

5) Copy the code

6) Open your blog account

7) Select design > Add a gadget > HTML / JAVASCRIPT gadget> Paste the code and press ok

If you do have 3 column, and want to use the badge on the third.. Paste the code that is provided, UNDER THIS CODE, or search 'About Me' by pressing ctrl+F an u'll find the code


Justin Bieber is the latest teen pop idol and 10 TICKETS is to be given free by digi, for his concert that is going to be played 19 April 2011 in Singapore. So for all the Biber fan’s better head up to Singapore, else better start getting your digi number and follow the steps bellow..

Step 1
Text JB to 2016 to purchase three (3) pre-determined CallerTunes™ by Justin Bieber at RM9.00 to stand a chance of winning!

Step 2
Follow the instructions in our text replies to send Justin Bieber CallerTunes™ to your friends and family.

Step 3
Users with the most CallerTunes™ sent to their friends and family will win.

HURRY! Competition ends 8 April 2011!
Good luck !!!!!

Further information can be taken at link

My edition of the best hand held device that can ever be created.
The iPhone 5.. Check it out ;)

Perodua Myvi 1.5 design

Not sure, but i guess the new myvi 1.5 design looks like the new toyota payatto. No matter the less it has much more power to it, so i guess it be much more faster on the road. So more kancil i can cut off on the highway then :))

FAST & FURIOUS 5 trailer

Expect more burning tires and muscle car madness sometime in the near future, hopefully this year in 3D just hope and see . Being the top 2009 box office earner for Universal Pictures,Variety has confirmed the studio is revving up the development engine for a fifth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. Going against the previous four films' trend of including the words "Fast" and "Furious" somewhere in the title, the fifth installment is titled Fast Five.

The best part all the new and old gang would be joining along, such as Van Diesel, the tokyo drift guy that died in the explosion that i forgot his name and much more.
Quoted by the director
"Both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are set to return to their characters while Justin Lin--who helmed the third and fourth films-- is returning to the director's chair based on a screenplay by Morgan. Production will begin later this year for a 2011 release. Universal's Jeff Kirschenbaum and Franklin Leonard will oversee the project for the studio. Diesel revealed"

So 2011, get ya 3D glasses and watch rubber tires and HOT CHICKS at the same time. If you guys watch it just only for the CAR THEN is a whole of bulls**t rite !

Thinking cap, back on !

Today i have finally set a side my chilling time, that i guess i have been persuaded to have for almost a month which i take it as a honeymoon time for all those assignments. So since the bundle of numbers kept increasing due to time. So its time to strap tight, put my thinking cap on and get busy with those typing and words that's probably going to keep me awake all day.

For my friends out there, do give it your best.. And hold thight.

Assignment for today:

1) World trade (19/3/2011)

Been using the new Kapersky internet security 2012 for free on my notebook. Since it is a BETA version, so i guess kapersky do provide a 90 days trial. So once installation is done, just activate it by using trial activation (Internet connection is needed)

Overall performance is quite ok, and suitable to be used for all users as i have been using it for almost a week. It does have some glitches such as the icon keep setting offline, i guess it may be because it is still a beta version. But truly i wouldn't give a damn about it so much, the main point it detects all the viruses and don't have any problem.

So give it a try, if any problem do post me up, and i'll try to guide you.

Download Both part, and extract it by using WinRar:




The two phones that is hot in the market on this year would be the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc with its great design, while LG Optimus 2x for its unbeatable performance. Where it do runs a 2 core processor that would be a unbeatable hand phone with is performance point of view.

The main question that is in my mind, the after sale revenue. As if i do buy the LG Optimus 2x would price for after sale drop tremendously, as most of my friend recoment me to get the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc as the price would not drop that much in the future, as the LG handphone brand.

Selection.. Selection......

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550

After releasing three GPUs under the GeForce GTX 500 series for the past few months, NVIDIA have recently revealed yet another addition to the family - the GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Even though it is labelled as an enthusiast-level GTX GPU, its base price is rather easy on the wallet at RM 455 (USD 149) which is just a little bit higher the original base price of GeForce GTS 450.

It also features the same amount of CUDA cores that GTS 450 has at 192 but the GTX 550 Ti performs at higher graphics and processor speed at 900MHz and 1800MHz respectively. The GTX 550 Ti comes with bigger 192-bit memory interface and 1024MB 4100MHz GDDR5 memory as well.

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti is already available in the market right now – in both standard and overclocked version that goes up to 1000MHz in terms of graphics speed - so check it out with your favourite retailers for further information. Alternatively, you can also learn more about the new card at

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti SLI Review and Benchmarks

Apple iPad 2 Malaysia

Everybody are talking about soon to be launched iPad 2 from Apple. Lets see the survey done by TheStar on how Malaysian react to iPad 2. Many gadget savvy or the Apple fans even willing to buy outside Malaysia as you all know, the iPad 2 launching in Malaysia will few months delayed for whatever reasons.

The Apple iPad 2 available in two different color black and white. The iPad 2 selling price starting from USD499 for the United States market and will be available in Apple Store in March 11th, 2011. If the price in US is used as a basis, USD499 is equivalent to RM1,500++. And if Apple can consider the iPad2 within this range, definitely all the competitor will run out of money.

For those who really don’t care whether its a iPad or iPad2 maybe can take the opportunity where Apple has dropped the iPad price RM350-RM400 for the WiFi models and the WiFi + 3G model respectively.

Lets see the full review on iPad 2 from Youtube.

I phone 5 would officially be released in Malaysia officially this year, and probably its going to start production on may. I guess it takes a couple of months then for maxis, digi, or celcom to start a package plan to make the total price for the phone to look LESS COSTLY, with the plan that is used such as for iphone 4 that is out now, that if i'm rite digi has the best plan overall then all the other competitors. So looking forward to it.

General information that i do found out for the new iphone 5 do includes:

1. iPhone 5th Gen will be called iPhone 4(2)
2. iPhone 5th Gen will be use A5 Chip.
3. iPhone 5th Gen will be running iOS 5.0
4. iPhone 5th Gen completedly redesigned.
5. iPhone 5th Gen will be more features/smart.
6. iPhone 5th Gen will be using RFID sensor.
7. Expected RRP will be same with current iPhone.

Don't know whether the information provided it generalize or fake, well the main point is going to be 2x better then the old iPhone 4

Good Luck Everyone

SPM RESULT release :

23 MARCH 2011

Not sure whether its and official release. But i heard today on the radio dated 18/3/2011 that the SPM result for student taking SPM on year 2010 would release dated 23/3/2011. Which officially means on wednesday.
So good luck then!

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