iPhone 5 Malaysia Review

I phone 5 would officially be released in Malaysia officially this year, and probably its going to start production on may. I guess it takes a couple of months then for maxis, digi, or celcom to start a package plan to make the total price for the phone to look LESS COSTLY, with the plan that is used such as for iphone 4 that is out now, that if i'm rite digi has the best plan overall then all the other competitors. So looking forward to it.

General information that i do found out for the new iphone 5 do includes:

1. iPhone 5th Gen will be called iPhone 4(2)
2. iPhone 5th Gen will be use A5 Chip.
3. iPhone 5th Gen will be running iOS 5.0
4. iPhone 5th Gen completedly redesigned.
5. iPhone 5th Gen will be more features/smart.
6. iPhone 5th Gen will be using RFID sensor.
7. Expected RRP will be same with current iPhone.

Don't know whether the information provided it generalize or fake, well the main point is going to be 2x better then the old iPhone 4


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