Apple iPad 2 Malaysia

Everybody are talking about soon to be launched iPad 2 from Apple. Lets see the survey done by TheStar on how Malaysian react to iPad 2. Many gadget savvy or the Apple fans even willing to buy outside Malaysia as you all know, the iPad 2 launching in Malaysia will few months delayed for whatever reasons.

The Apple iPad 2 available in two different color black and white. The iPad 2 selling price starting from USD499 for the United States market and will be available in Apple Store in March 11th, 2011. If the price in US is used as a basis, USD499 is equivalent to RM1,500++. And if Apple can consider the iPad2 within this range, definitely all the competitor will run out of money.

For those who really don’t care whether its a iPad or iPad2 maybe can take the opportunity where Apple has dropped the iPad price RM350-RM400 for the WiFi models and the WiFi + 3G model respectively.

Lets see the full review on iPad 2 from Youtube.


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