Nothing to post out today, so how bout i share on how to create a facebook badge for your blog.

1) Login to your facebook account

2) Select the profile page

3) Select the option "Add a badge to your site" that could be seen below your Friends

4) Select the type of badge that wanted to be used, for example mine is the "profile badges"

5) Copy the code

6) Open your blog account

7) Select design > Add a gadget > HTML / JAVASCRIPT gadget> Paste the code and press ok

If you do have 3 column, and want to use the badge on the third.. Paste the code that is provided, UNDER THIS CODE, or search 'About Me' by pressing ctrl+F an u'll find the code



  1. Warna Tulisan said...

    nice tips thank you for sharing  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Er i suck at HTML glad this was just copy and past sort of thing
    I'm workin on a blog for a camping website here gelert horizon 6 and this helps a lot so thanks.
    i suck at these sort of things hehe

    Alice x  

  3. Syed Salleh said...

    Glad to help :)  

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