Is this the new iPhone 5?

Apple might have never even confirmed its existence but still, almost everybody throughout the world is anticipating the release of iPhone 5. Apple will announce the release date of the iPhone 5 on October 4th. Months of speculation regarding features, a lost prototype that police were called in to search for and the departure of Steve Jobs has cranked up the hype for Apple’s latest generation of its mobile phone.

According to an insider report, Apple will be having a huge media event on that particular day to announce the device. Not only that, the source added that Apple is currently working on making sure that it will be available for consumers to get their hand on within few weeks after the event. Yes, we can already see some of you smiling there.

Whether the above iPhone 5 picture is true or just a fake. Lets just hope when the release come's out, it look hot and auwsome..


  1. ctk said...

    belikan tuk ct .trime kaseh :D  

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