How to reset your window 7 password

I've manage to learn how to reset the window 7 operating password, and i give full recommendation as it works on my computer, as i've tested today by burning the application in a CD, and running it during the starting bios setup.
So no worries every one, you're in good hands..
So lets check it out!!

P.S if any problem, or need much help just post up. and i'll guide you

Quote from window server training

If you have been using a computer for any amount of time you have no doubt forgotten a Windows 7 password or two and have had to have it reset or recovered from you administrator at the office. With the increase of security on home computers Windows 7 now by default requires you to have a Windows password for the administrator account. If you forget or lose this at home there is no help desk to call unless you have a relative that does computer work, which is what most of my “extended family” does when something happens. In this case you are on you own, unless you want to pay a premium price to one of the “geek squad” out there to take care of it for you. Instead of bothering your second cousin on your sister in laws side of the family or paying out the nose from some “expert” that couldn’t work anywhere but a big box store for technology, I will walk you through how to reset your Windows 7 password for free.

Steps :

1. Create a bootable CD from
2. Boot from the Bootable CD
3. First we select the disk where the windows system partition resides. In the case of this demo it is the number 2 dislk, you can see the disks listed in the output. I’m going to enter 2 and hit Enter
4. The next choice is to select the PATH to the windows system directory and registry. The program will find what it thinks is the correct path and put it in for default. Unless you know for sure this isn’t correct just hit Enter to accept the found path.
5. Next you will choose what part of the registry you want to work with, in this case we are going to go with “Password Reset” which is the SAM. For this we select 1 and hit Enter
6. Now you will select “Edit User Data and Passwords” by typing 1 and Enter
7. Finally! We now see a list of the users on this machine and whether they are an ADMIN or not. Type in the user name you want to reset, in this case it is WS Training and hit Enter
8. You will now see all the information about this account that is in the SAM. You have a few options here like including:
Clear User Password – Always works for me
Edit User Password – I have had iffy success with this
Promote User – Makes them an administrator account
Unlock & Enable User Account – In case you have locked out or disabled the account
In this instance I am going to choose 1 for “Clear User Password” and hit Enter
9.You should see the message Password Cleared! and then it will ask if there is another user to reset. If your done with recovery at this point then enter ! and hit Enter to quit.
10. Now you have to work your way out of the program just the way you came in. Hit q to quit out and hit Enter
11. The program now lists the files that have changed and if it should make the changes permanent. It is important to note that at this point you have been working with a copy of the account data and once you complete this step it will be saved to disk permanently. Click Y and Enter
12. You should see a ***Edit Complete*** message to show that the password reset has been saved and then you can choose to run the program again or exit by hitting Enter.
13. Now you can restart your machine and let it boot into the OS. You should be able to go straight to your desktop for the user that you removed the security for! Congratulations on recovering your Windows 7 password and not having to reinstall your OS and lose your data. You can now set your password again by hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL and choosing Change Password. In your old password just leave it blank, and fill in your new password in the two text spots, then click OK.

Here is video of the tutorial that is use.


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