Guys lets support the less and unfortunate by supporting the promise me campaign by the Truly Loving Company (TLC) which brings 12 corporations in Malaysia together to fulfill 12 golden wishes from charity organisations.

The campaign target is to help raise funds and help the Shah Alam orphanage, Rumah Aman replace their 15 year-old electricity wiring and lightning breaker system.

Rumah Aman is an orphanage located in Shah Alam, with complete facilities to care for poor boys who are orphaned or from needy families. Despite the best efforts to maintain the facilities, it is inevitable that things will degrade due to wear and tear. The old wiring means that the home is quite susceptible to power outages during storms, and the lightning has previously caused damage to the property before. Therefore, an upgrade is urgently needed to ensure the comfort of all the children there.

The upgrade from the current 2 phase electrical wiring system to a 3 phase one will cost an estimated RM 20,000, lets give our support and help Rumah Aman get the upgrades it needs. For more details on how you can help, head on to our blog post at


  1. ctk said...

    tOgether we suPPOrt them :)  

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