iPhone 4GS review

Are you ready for a new ride on the iPhone 4GS rumor roller-coaster? We’re looking at the first leaked images of the iPhone 4S/5, or should I say, the iPhone 4GS, And come to think of it the design looks similar like the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4GS is a smartphone name that makes plenty of sense. In case certain rumors are real, then the iPhone 4GS could be for the iPhone 4 while the iPhone 3GS is for the iPhone 3G, a minor refresh.

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The images available here have been found all the way in China where Apple.pro, otherwise a decent source of previous Apple product leaks and rumors, has found them on Weibo, which is China’s own Twitter service.

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We’re apparently looking at a test iPhone 4GS unit that happens to run iOS 4.0 out of the box, which is definitely strange. While we don’t have all the specs this unit looks very much like the iPhone 4 and, according to diagnostic software it sports a 5-megapixel camera on the back, just like its predecessor.

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The iTunes profile of the device seems to be somewhat different than the current iPhone 4’s iTunes image (available in the our first image), and I’ll leave you judge it for yourself in this comparison image:

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We wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually the next-gen iPhone, whether called the iPhone 4GS, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. In fact some rumors say that the fifth-generation smartphone is being tested under disguise, so we may be looking at the first images of Apple’s next smartphone. Stay close, as we’ll bring you more detailed information about this particular leak as soon as we have it!


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