Android Ice Cream Sandwich review

I've been in love with android, since the first time i bought my Samsung galaxy s 2, and totally its the best operating system, where there is no limit to the capability.. Hell yeah ! to open source android.. So here i would like to discuss on the new android ice cream sandwich that be launching by Google estimated on October or November.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is set to change all that, conquering fragmentation with its one-size-fits-all solution for Android screens large and small. Always searching for the next treat in its enticing alphabet of releases, tipsters are sharing news of what's to come after the ice cream, even though manufacturers and carriers are still upgrading existing devices to Gingerbread. (More details below the chart.)
It's always good to get a little perspective, and in light of that, here's a look at milestones in Google's Android operating system, from its humble beginnings to its current ambitions in tablet domination.

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0?)
The shift from Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 2.3 Gingerbread was fairly modest, so it makes sense that Ice Cream Sandwich will do heavier lifting. Already, leaked screenshots and details paint a picture of the confection to come--although it's still wise to take these with a grain of salt, since nothing is confirmed and much can change before a design reaches its final stages.

-New interface to unite smartphone and tablet UIs
-Blue themes
-New placement of Google search bar
-Redesigned app launcher
-Redesigned notification bar (shows thumbnail images)
-Richer resizable widgets
-Camera will include panorama mode
-Redesigned Gmail app
-Google Shopper app for NFC
-Facial tracking software
-Google movie rental services

So looking forwards to it in the early future :)


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