Sony Ericsson has had smaller phones for a while now in the form of the X10 mini but aside from being designed with Oompa Loompa's in mind, the phone just wasn't very good, not spec-ed with modern mobile OS' in mind. Enter the Xperia Ray, what looks like a perfect inbetweener compared to the Arc and X10 Mini, with the guts of the former. Designed with the user in mind, we had the opportunity to check it out in Japan a few weeks ago (Check Out The Post Here!) and after using it for a while, my pre conceived notions of modern mobile phones has been flipped turned upside down.

So what did I think of Sony Ericsson's mid sized smartphone? Find out after the jump!

As with most Android mobiles these days, I was skeptical about how this could be a viable choice with the SGS 2's and HTC Sensations in the world. The 3.3inch screen and svelte size was laughable at first glance, but after using it, I finally understood the method behind Sony Ericsson's madness.

Let me digress to a better time, where snake was the Angry Birds and T9 was our Swiftkey; Polyphonic ringtones were all the rage and wallpapers had to be downloaded from the pages and pages of ads in all the magazines. The one thing in common with all our phones was the ability to type an SMS message under the table, one handed, blind. Navigation of menus and pretty much everything on the phone was able to be done one handed. Fast forward to 2011, it looks like one handed operation is back.

The ray is designed with that in mind, every corner of the screen is reachable by your thumb while holding it in your hand, letting you cover the entire 3.3Inch screen. We've all gotten too used to 2 handed operation to remember the good ol days.

The ray has been described as the mini-arc as the hardware specs are pretty much the same as the arc, all squeezed in the ray body, however the ray does not suffer from the common complaint of the arc, the plasticky body syndrome. The ray is very well built, feeling amazing in your hand, in particular the black model we have has a matte rubberised finish on the rear.

Lets check out the full review on the video below..


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