The time is at most in the end.

The time is at most in the end for the beginning of the mid sem break, and damn i'm so freaking excited about it. A 1week holiday boganza. What would i be doing then.
1) Sleep
2) Sleep
3) Sleep
4) Sleep
ohhhh !! yeah its fasting month, cant leave the eating time once the azan started till i'm full and aint able to even wake up :p
Skateboarding has to be sacrifice for now, so sori babe ya better stay in the store till puased has ended, and lets start shredding like a insane freak again ^^'

The worst part that i kept freaking out now, is how the fuck am i going back ! if i have'nt buy the tix yet. As the holiday is the same as the school student. Just hope there's some noob's theyre that hasn't got the chance to go home, so i can get a one way tix back HOME, HOME SWEET HOME where is miss my.
2) Variety of food in the FRIDGE that would never finish
3) Streamyx, as here i come for MORE DOWNLOADS
4) The car, motorbike is only in beranang, JB or Singapore is all care baby
5) My darling and comfortble bed, with aircond to switch on 24/7 at 16 tempreture
6) What else yewk.. To many in mind..
"SO bla bla bla"


  1. CikYana(",) said...

    happy holiday


  2. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. wooooooo !!
    thx :p  

  3. CikYana(",) said...


    enjoy ur holiday

    i will enjoy my holiday 2


  4. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. well i'll enjoi mine in singapore then :p  

  5. -N e Y r A- said...

    Variety of food in the FRIDGE that would never finish...

    sila berpuasa ye cik abg.  

  6. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. yeah..
    byk sgt.. susah ^^'  

  7. -N e Y r A- said...

    hak3....ape ah. jangan ponteng! nnty adek suruh mummy babab montot  

  8. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. TAKOWT nye org !!  

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