I don't really feel that exhausted nor thirsty or hungry today during the 1st day of fasting. I truly don't know why, but i guess probably it cause by the hours of concentration on the assignment, and nagging to do the house work, such as getting ready for the new raya curtains, and damn its exhausting just pulling each curtain out hopping that i don't break or damage anything.

So we open fast today at the marina hotel, which is a buffet where all of my family gather, around 12 of us. RM67 for adult, and RM4? for children, but i don't know what happen, but the total come's to RM701.50, and damn that fucking expensive.
No matter what we did eat dozen of stuff, that truly filled me up to the max especially the grill meat, damn its SOFT and tasty.

Once done, we did have to go to giant tampoi, to get some groceries as i'll be going to singapore tomorrow. But during the session of finding the crap item around the place, i could actually see people crowding with smoke's, lights, car screeching, techno music everywhere. Where there was a car exhibition showing the full modified cars, with auwsome accesories, lights, HUGE speakers, and fire breathing exhaust, probably they fix NOS i guess. Check out the video that did record on my phone.


  1. -N e Y r A- said...

    standard ah tuh setakat abes rm700++  

  2. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. dri belanje mkn baek kasi me duet 2 :p  

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