10 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Damn !! hair loss if a HUGE factor in a guy, i don't wanna have a bold hair for the future, cause truly i'll looks like a freak then, as what malay people would describe it as, looking as YOOKIES dude. So proper action and early preparation is needed to be taken, check out this steps and better prevent from future hair loss okeyh, cause shit i dont want it to ever happen to me.

  1. No hair pulling - when you pull your hair you put strain on the follicle and this can result in permanent damage and the follicle no longer being able to grow again.
  2. No scalp rubbing - when you towel dry your hair be careful not to rub the scalp and damage your hair follicles. It's much better to pat the extra moisture away rather than rub.
  3. No wigs - unless your doctor has prescribed the use of a wig you should avoid it because your scalp isn't able to breath properly and the wig quite literally suffocates your follicles.
  4. The right shampoo - is important to your hair health. You might be surprised to find out that there really is scientific value in the shampoo you buy. To get the most for your money match it up to your hair type.
  5. No colorants or perms - both can lead to damage to your scalp and your hair follicles leaving them not able to support hair growth any longer.
  6. Wash thoroughly - your shampoo has soap and chemicals that can damage your hair and ruin your scalp if you do not rinse your hair properly.
  7. Avoid greasy foods - Your hair is a good way to analyze your health. Scientist's believe that just one strand of hair can be tested and tell if person is taking drugs, or if you are allergic to any foods. The old saying that you are what you eat is really quite true. Avoiding greasy food is good for your overall health and certainly your hair.
  8. Avoid sunburn to the scalp - and to the body for that matter. We all know how serious sunburn can be to our overall health and sunburn to the scalp can cause the follicle to be unable to produce hair because of the sunburn.
  9. Wash the sea out - or the chlorine for that matter. Washing your hair will get rid of the salt and chlorine and keep your scalp protected not lending damage to the hair follicles.
  10. Laser comb - there are more new technologies on the market that are designed to slow the effects of hair loss, especially in men. The Androhair laser comb is one of those technologies.

These 10 tips will help you keep your hair healthy and help you prevent hair loss. So why wait another day ? Why risk the loss of hair when prevention is always the best medicine.


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