Fans of fitness will have to look elsewhere if they hope to track their daily activity via their Android phone, as Nike has confirmed it currently has no plans to develop a FuelBand companion app for Google’s mobile platform. Shame, shame. The news first came by way of Twitter but was later confirmed by a Nike spokesperson.

“[W]e are focusing on the FuelBand experience across iOS and,” the statement reads, “At this time we are not working on an Android version of the app.” That app, which is available for iOS users, provides a means to interact with the minimalistic FuelBand, tracking activity, setting fitness goals, and sharing results with friends.

The lack of FuelBand support for Android doesn’t mark the first time Nike has snubbed non-iOS users. The standalone Nike+ app was available for those with Apple-branded smartphones for years before it finally came to Android last summer. It’s really quite surprising that the global brand is choosing to actively ignore the largest smartphone userbase in the world. It isn’t as though the sportswear company can’t afford to hire the necessary software engineers.

While the confirmation comes as a disappointment, the silver lining is that Nike did not expressly deny the possibility of the app coming to Android in the future. It may take years, just like the Nike+ app, but someday we might be able to count ourselves among those tracking daily fitness goals by way of NikeFuel.



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