Finally one of the greatest brand of computer appliance and gadget is coming to Malaysia. It was a shocking moment as i read the article on the lowyat website, which pump me up to get one for my self.
Even thought it might be freaking expensive, but truly it is worth it as the technology provided in the notebook is to good to be true, and no notebook could ever challenge the godly power and performance of it.

So here is the quote form the article that is taken form the lowyat website:

Back in May when the Dell Adamo launched in Malaysia, I managed to have a short chat with Mr. Yeo Swee Key (Director, Consumer Business, Malaysia) over lunch. While the topic of the day was the Dell Adamo, we got a little off track and somehow he let it slip that "Alienware would be arriving in Malaysia very soon".

True to his words, promotional banners featuring the famous gray Alien icon appeared on the Dell Malaysia website two days ago, and an Alienware microsite has emerged today at

Unfortunately, all we got in advance was the forewarning, but we'll be working on securing a unit for review. In the mean time, you can check out more info on the new Alienware M17x on our sister gaming site Multiplay.


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