Starting from this month onwards, DiGi have embarked on a major upgrading process on their network which will see them going through 5,000 sites around the country over the course of 2012. Dubbed as the “The Tomorrow Network”, the upgrade aims to provide DiGi’s users with more stable network through the use of greener and more efficient equipment.

While that sounds pretty standard, the upgrade does have two grand objective under its wing. First, DiGi’s The Tomorrow Network upgrade targets to expand DiGi’s EDGE and 3G coverage to 95.8 percent of Malaysia’s population. The second objective is even more impressive – it also aims to turn equip their network with LTE capabilities and become the first such network to do so here in Malaysia. Of course, DiGi also promises better call experience once the upgrade has been completed.

The upgrade process is already on-going right now starting from areas in Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Subang Jaya in which minor downtime might happen during the deployment process at the selected area. To learn more about DiGi’s The Tomorrow Network modernization process and its upgrade schedule, head on to DiGi’s official website.


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