Remember the hotly anticipated Razer Blade gaming laptop that didn't make it into your hands for Christmas? I've got good news and bad news. Bad news first of course; the laptop is getting delayed further all the way until middle to late January before you will actually be able to see it in your grubby little paws. Good news? The reason behind the delay is that Razer is swapping the 320GB HDD for a 256SSD without having to increase the US$2,799 list price. On top of that, for every Razer Blade order, Razer will be throwing in a Razer Orochi Blade Edition absolutely free. Details for that can be found on Razer's Facebook page here.

I think in this case good things really do come to those who wait! The delay also gives you that extra time to save up so you don't have to be eating cup ramen and toast for that long after buying it.


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