What a dull day for me 2day.

Woke up at 10.00am, and slept back as i was to exhausted i guess, till 1pm where i was force to wake up because of hunger to find food, thanks to mizi free bun, i manage to get something in for the day, i owe ya one :p
Well the day start with my usual chore's which is wash up my laundries, and secondly the most IMPORTANT is to wash my bike, as i guess i didnt wash it last week that make it less attractive to my eyes. Cleanliness is an important factor to a rider like me he3.
Once all the chore's is done, i sat up infront of the computer for hours finding way how to hack and get another to navigator software in my phone which is the Ndrive, and Garmin navigator software, as previously i manage to hack the OVI nokia maps navigator which sounded kinda cool with the voice showing us where to go. For now all i manage to install is the Ndrive, while for the Garmin is quite complicated as i need a memory card ready for my SDmemory + updating for the Ndrive maps does also need the same thing, as i couldn't find the location for my house now as the Malaysia map is not updated.
After giving up because of the less hardware problem, i just continue with my assignment which is to complete the sevice level agreement letter, just hope i get it rite.
I wonder what are you all up to today? keep me inform.


  1. skelertor said...

    ur welcome..  

  2. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3 :p  

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