Google’s $199 “Nexus tablet“, that we first reported on back in March, appeared online this week in Rightware’s Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji benchmark test. Most of the details revealed in the benchmark match up with what was previous reported. The device will be made by ASUS, feature a 7-inch display with 1280×768 resolution, and use NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

What’s new in this benchmark result is the Android version 4.1. Rightware tells us this is the only device they have ever seen to include Android 4.1. The device also featured a software build number JRN51B, which is important because J represents Jelly Bean.

The device also has the model name listed as “Nexus 7″, which could be the final product name.

Some of us had speculated that Jelly Bean would be a major release and become Android 5.0, but this new evidence suggest it will be more of a minor update and be labeled Android 4.1. We reached out to a second source who claims to have seen the Nexus tablet, and they also said it was running Android 4.1.

Details are still limited, but we are told that Android 4.1 will feature a user experience very similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The device will feature multiple home screens that are dedicated to different types of content (music, movies, books, etc).

We are just a month away from Google IO, when this “Nexus tablet” is expected to be revealed, so look for more details to leak over the coming weeks.



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