Well it doen't mean that musical only plays slow and boring song's.. Which most teenagers would say "urghhh ! old skool.. BORING !! RITE !! I KNOW UR THINKING OF IT !!"

If i had the chance, i'll turn the beat up, and groove like step up the movie with their auwsome dance move's into a musical play.. that sure CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF OLD SKOOL TO NEW SKOOL ! that 101% would attracts not only teenagers, but also their parents at the same time.


Well lets check out , my imagination pop up into play:
  1. Background: The streets (Acting and dance move NOT ONLY be on stage, but off stage)
  2. Dance routine includes slow contempory dance routine and fast streets freestyling (SLOW + FAST = IT BE LEGENDARY!!)
  3. Song selection: 'Semisonic - Closing Time' , 'Laza Morgan - This Girl' , 'Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation (Radio Edit Remix)', 'LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem' *slow + fast song continuously added together next to next and cut to be short to manage time to be appropriate & sufficient for the slot
  4. Starting with slow move's to show the definition of love, and cotemporary to make the audience say "auwwwww !! what a soft gentle dance" (girl actor)
  5. Where else street free styling dance define the auwsomeness of the streets, as how auwsome is the new generation (guy actor)
  6. Love story between a girl (contemporary dancer) and guy (street dancer) in love.. And when both combine you'll get how great it be !! the NEW SKOOL BABY !! :)
  7. Ending must be spectacular: so best to arrange actor acting like the audience, and implement A FLASH MOB SCENE.. where people won't even specaluate it, and be shocked as how auwsome the musical play, where people would talk about it for AGES !! (Idea from the movie Friends with Benefits)
Here is some sample of flash mob in my mind..


  1. Anzulna said...

    wahh ur amazing ;)  

  2. Syed Salleh said...

    Anzulna : Thx, is just my dream of how i would play it out :p didn't realise that it be that long.. crazy rite :p  

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