Gaming peripherals used to be associated with steep price tag but with their ever increasing popularity, you can found “gaming-grade” peripherals at much lower price range as more and more manufacturer have entered the market with their own gaming peripherals. One of them is Sensonic who recently has introduced a brand new gaming mouse called Orthros II into the market.

At a glance, the Orthros II seems to meet the basic standard of gaming mouse with its optimized body shape (sorry left-handed users, Orthros II is designed for right-handed gamers), an optical sensor with considerably good DPI level at 2400, on-the-fly DPI switcher, Teflon mouse feet and switchable response time of up to 1000 Hz. The gaming mouse is also equipped with braided cable for durability and ferrite bead to help suppress any high frequency noise that appears in its circuitry.

While it is hard to judge a gaming mouse just by skimming through photos and specifications sheet, the Orthros II also comes with something that might made it very attractive to consumers: its listed price tag of RM 49. To learn more about the new Sensonic Orthros II Gaming Mouse, check with your favorite IT retailers or



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