The start of the FINAL sem !!

I would like to start with ah HELL YEAH !! as finally the final semester come's..
where after all the hardwork and dedication towards this course is going to end in this final sem..

So during this period of time i'm stuck with two subject which is ABIT (where the subject is more specify in creating of a software, hopefully is not by using the VB software)
While the other is the subject that i fear the most which is the Sejarah agame (which is about the history of the islam religion) AND truly that's the subject that i fear the most..
as i believe that the only two subject that i cant cope with is history and math's..

Pray for me guys, hopefully i'll make it on this final sem, and achieve what i'm working hard for.


  1. -N e Y r A- said...

    hahaha. MPW tuh punya ah senang. adek lagi takut ngan ABIT  

  2. Syed Salleh said...

    yewk ah.. die terer sejarah..
    tak mcm org.. lemah giler beb ^^'  

  3. -N e Y r A- said...

    e'eleh... hahaha  

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