What a freaking long journey for us three from KL to JB. The whole way i have been sleeping, while the two of my tiny friends were playing with the WHEEL non stop and making a fuss in the bus, while some kids next to my sit keep peeping and saying "mummy2 ! ape 2? mcm tikus". But truly is kinda cute and entertaining watching them running here and they're providing them EXTRA exercise time. I should be doing that often to lose that teddy tummy of mine :))

IELTS result just come out today online, i was so freak out. As thought truly i'm so going to be dead, as the question that i answered was so freaking hard. Not the normal level of english to me. But overall i did made it sucessfully, ass the band needed to get a scholarhip by mara is 5.5, while mine is 6.5. Damn ! i was shouting like hell as a freak knowing that i have accomplish the imposible.
Tq god for support, glad i have make it through this far.


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