I'm back ^^

Come to think of it, i haven't give a damn towards my blog for age's.
So i guess is like time for me rewrite it again :p

Well as usual the past has it up's and down's.
That's life rite.
So is best to never give up, and always look on the bright side of life.
So keep up the good work Syed !

Been hanging out in KL with two of my tiny friends, and truly hanging with them
feel's kinda stressful like hell. As every sec u clean up their cage, not more then 5min, everything get messed like hell again.
So what the hell i'm suppose to do about it again? and again? and again?
Ha3.. so good luck in training em tau :p

Other then that, finally i have reject myself from working, because of some mistake that i've done through life. I guess i get it, and sacrifice have to be made, so thanks for the honest opinion (In a good way okeyh) ^^
Retirement is freaking awesome !!! I have all the time in the world to do everything.
Gotta continue skating again, as i've been to bz not to realize it.

Now i'm concentrating, in getting my head in the game.
And hopefully to become a better men.
Insyallah :)


  1. enyheartsdiamond said...

    ed..nak gossip girl episod baru2 :D  

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