The 3 things that i need.

I have 3 target's that i totally need in completing in my life journey, before moving on to the next step. And truly is something so important to myself, to know that i have manage to complete all three target's to become a stable adult in the future.

The three thing's that i need is:

1) Stable job that provide a relevant and stable income, not only to provide for myself, but also for the person that i love that includes my parents

2) Have my own form of transportation, as this is a quite important

3) Got my own place to stay, that way it prove's that i am quite independent to move to the next step

Without all this three thing's, life would not be that easy or that stable to move on towards the next step for me, so kinda planning and hoping that everything goes as plan.
Just hope and see then.


  1. Silent said... a student and quiet difficult to have all this even i am think for stable life or..maybe...growing up! be an adult! hohohhoo =p  

  2. Syed Salleh said...

    ha3.. well i'm also the same then.
    that's why i have to kick ass on my studies, hoping to get a good result that would support me in the future working enviroment.

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