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Check out the new nike special edition shoes, which is limited for 1500 pairs only. May be some of you think its just an old school shoes from the previous movie back to the future. But it's back, with a much more lighting and design twist to it. And yeah its freaking awesome

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"Its arrival might have been very sudden but this particular shoe is seriously one of the most anticipated Nike products ever. Even the unveiling event was pretty mysterious as the invitation was given only a few hours before it took place. From just a movie prop now to a real product, here it is: the Nike Air MAG, made famous by Back To The Future.

It was only appropriate that the shoe was revealed at Universal Studios in Los Angeles where the famed clock tower from the movie is located. As you can see, the new 2011 Nike Air MAG looked exactly as it was shown in the movie. It even comes together a number of LED panels that can be charged through the included docking station and are able to last up to five hours per charge. Unfortunately, the shoe will not come with the famed power lacing mechanism. Well, we can’t really blame Nike though…2015 is still four years away.

Only 1500 pairs of Nike Air MAG have been manufactured and all of them will be up for auction at starting from later today till 18 September. Obviously, it is not going to be cheap over there but since all the proceeds from the auction will go directly to Michael J.Fox (Back To The Future’s lead actor) Foundation for Parkinson Research, it is all good."


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