Nexus Prime

Nexus prime, what about it! May be when you heard the name prime the think that come's in your mind is transformers. But you should think else, whereby quoted by soya cincau site

"Google must have been pretty impressed with how Samsung handled the Nexus S as its been confirmed that they will be handling the next-generation Google Android Handset. Following suit with the cool Nexus names of the past (One, S) Samsung is going all autobot on it and calling it the Samsung Nexus Prime.

There are no solid details on the specs of the Nexus Prime, but the launch date is said to be around October, featuring the latest version of Android - Ice Cream Sandwich. Other than that we have our money (as do our sources) on a dual-core processor, NFC and high-resolution camera to creep its way into the phone.

What do you think the Nexus Prime will bring to the table? Maybe a way to make the autobots roll out, you never know."

How auwsome is that!


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