Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by celcom

Since i got samsung galaxy s 2, lets now promote the samsung family.. As truly its pretty auwsome in design and performance, i guess it should be the number one competitor for Iphone now.

Celcom do provide new package that is bundle up with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, lets check it out:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is bundled with 2 Celcom Broadband options. Celcom Broadband Basic and Broadband Advance with RM68 and RM98 monthly subscription fee respectively. Celcom Broadband Basic with 4GB fair usage policy offer speeds up to 1.5Mbps while the Celcom Broadband Advanced plan with 6GB fair usage policy offer speeds up to 3.6Mbp!

Celcom Broadband Basic
Monthly Commitment : RM68
Package Upfront Payment : RM150
Data FUP : 4GB
Contract Period (months):
12 Months > RM1,578 (RM321 saving)
24 Months > RM1,538 (RM361 saving)

Celcom Broadband Advance
Monthly Commitment : RM98
Package Upfront Payment : RM150
Data FUP : 6GB
Contract Period (months):
12 Months > RM1,528 (RM371 saving)
24 Months > RM1,468 (RM431 saving)


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