Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus review

Another new Samsung Tab coming out, which is known as the infamous galaxy tab 7.0 plus which is slightly smaller then its big bro galaxy tab 7.7.

Keep in mind as this is not just an improvement of the old tablet but rather an all new 7″ model. That's why there is a "plus" so in term of performance i'm not that sure, but i guess it should be slightly slower then its big bro, and cheaper.

It runson a dual core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and comes with a choice of 16GB/32GB versions. Storage expansion is possible with microSD up to 32GB, and the display is rather similar with its WSVGA LCD which supports 1024×600.

New on the Tab 7.0 Plus is the usage of PLS (Plane to Line) LCD which offers better viewing angles and brightness. There’s a 3MP camera with assisted LED flash at the back and a 2MP camera at the front. In terms of OS, it is running the latest Android Honeycomb 3.2. Like the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the 7.0 Plus is able to make voice and video calls without needing a bluetooth headset.

Since this is an all new design, the Tab 7.0 Plus is thinner and lighter than the model it replaces at 345g with a thickness of 9.96m. As comparison, the original Galaxy Tab was 380g and 11.98mm. Despite the weight reduction, the Tap 7.0 Plus has a similar battery capacity of 4,000mAh.

With the 7.0 Plus and 7.7 put side by side, the 7.0 Plus should be relatively cheaper with its lower spec screen (PLS LCD vs Super AMOLED Plus). It is also interesting to note that the 7.7 is even lighter at 335g and it has a higher capacity battery of 5,100mAh. You can view the full specification of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus here.

(More info on the spec)

Overall with the smaller size to me would a much more better an convenient way to bring the tab around, so lucking forwards to see this new baby coming out.


  1. Tech review said...

    I want to get Samsung Galaxy tab 7. It seems amazing.  

  2. ~Nana 귀여운~ said...

    teringin doh nak 1 samsung Galaxy Tab nih......huih  

  3. RhumZi said...

    Memang teringin sangat dah nk beli. tunggu budget approve je.. huhu..
    Tab 7.0 ni ngam2 je, x besar dan juga x kecik...

    ..Love mobility  

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