BlackBerry Porsche

Remember the mysterious BlackBerry that was apparently developed with Porsche Design? That device is now rumoured to be revealed at an event next week in Dubai on 27th October, jointly organised by Porsche Design and BlackBerry.

The reason for the radical change in design was because the Porsche Design team was supposedly in charge. They may seem like a strange choice, but Porsche Design has transcended the automotive trappings of its parent company to design everything from feature phones to hard drives to bobsleds, so a special edition smartphone doesn’t come entirely out of the blue.

Sure, fans of limited-edition gadgetry will probably snap them up anyway, but something about this situation just feels odd. I’ve reached out to RIM for some clarity on the situation, but haven’t received a response at time of writing. Stay tuned for updates.

We also wonder if it functions well as it looks. Those keys doesn’t look comfortable to use.



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