While Siri is exclusive to iPhone 4S but that doesn’t mean Android users are left out from the “talking to the phone” fun. Introducing Iris, (yes it is the reversed spelling of Siri) which is an Android voice assistant at your service.

Similar to Siri, you can ask questions or talk to it out of boredom. It answers various questions and it is able to make calls and send messages by command. The intelligence bit is powered by True Knowledge engine. What’s interesting is that the app was said to be developed in just 8 hours. Not bad for an instant app but there are limits to what Iris can do.

I just installed the apps into my S2.. Even though its not that perfect, but damn its fun having my phone to talk to, sounded like i'm speaking to a lil robot r2d2 on my android..

It's still in a beginning phase, so i'm sure when the developer upgraded the aps it be way better, and hopefully it can function the same as iPhone 4S siri aps..

Well lets, head to the market and download this apps for FREE THEN.


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