Sony XPERIA ARC S Malaysia review

The Sony Ericsson Arc S is available now for an RRP of RM1,899 in malaysia.
And yeah it looks quite familiar with the old xperia arc as it still retains the svelte curves and sexy form factor of the original arc, the arc S feels great in your hand with its surprisingly light chassis. Although the arc S has the problem of a cheapish feeling back cover, it's by no means a deal breaker. However because of Sony Ericsson's eagerness to make the body as sexy as possible, the have gone a little overboard on the power on button, making it somewhat flush with the top of the phone.

The arc S uses the same 4.2Inch Reality Display screen with Mobile BRAVIA Engine found in the original arc and boy is it clear. While it doesn't take to crown from some of its competitors, the display is lovely both at max brightness and in the sun (less so in the sun of course).

screen transitions and opening and closing apps is a breeze thanks to the upgraded 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor. While not the worst on the market, the Sony Ericsson Android skin still has a lot to be desired.

Interm of battery is no better than you'd expect from any Android device out there, giving me justa day's usage with everything turned up to how.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Sony Ericsson arc S, it was a great departure from my comparatively chunky iPhone 4 and other phones that i've had for review recently. A big concern I had with the arc S and the fact that it is in essence just a speed bumped arc was the price.


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