Cluzee android review

With Siri being the centre of attention for the iPhone 4S, there’s always room for competition in Voice Assist. So far the closest competitor we’ve seen is Vlingo and Google Voice Actions, which works pretty well for our local Malaysian accent.

On paper, Cluzee appears to be impressive and even claims to help you multi task better with its features. Some of the key highlights include a travel planner to book trips, a health planner to keep track of your calorie intake and even a daily brief which reads out the latest news headlines. Just like Iris, the knowledge engine is powered by True Knowledge.

So is it any good? It offers some extended features but we found that some of the basic commands like facebook or twitter updates to be broken. On certain Android models, Cluzee simply won’t work and keeps on crashing repeatedly. On the Samsung Galaxy Note, the screen appears to be truncated without filling up the entire screen. So it’s slightly better than Iris but no where near Vlingo at this point.

If you’re still interested to try it out.


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