iPhone 4S India launch date

iPhone fans in Malaysia must be in a fit of rage right about now. The iPhone 4S came to Singapore on November 11 and now Aircel of India has officially announced that phone will be coming to India on Friday, November 25. Also it is strongly rumoured that the other official iPhone carrier in India, Bharti Airtel, will also join in to launch the latest iPhone.

If you recall, something similar happened here in Malaysia with the iPhone 4 when DiGi announced that it is offering plans for the device just hours ahead of the Maxis iPhone 4 launch. But where at the Maxis launch subscribers could purchase the iPhone 4 on the spot on September 24, 2010, DiGi customers could only get theirs a day later on September 25, 2010.

I phone 4s would launch in india on November 25 and pre-orders starts November 18 onwards.


  1. Neha said...

    If Apple were to sell unsubsidized iPhone in America and everywhere with same price tag….I think they would find more takers in INdia and China than in US and All europe put together.  

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