Say what you will about iOS and how Apple manages their ecosystem, but there’s no denying the quality of the display on the iPhone 4/4S. Coming in at only 3.5-inches, the iPhone utilizes a 960×640 resolution, giving the device a screen density of 326 ppi. But not everyone wants a screen that small (or likes iOS for that matter). LG has just the solution.

For quite some time now, the LG Optimus LTE has been available in Korea, making its fair share of noise. Soon enough, the device will be coming to the US under the name Nitro with AT&T LTE on board. But that’s not the big story here. The big story is the display on the Nitro and what it finally brings to Android. The LG Optimus LTE/Nitro will be one of the first globally available Android phones with a display that can go head-to-head with the iPhone.

The LG Nitro uses a 4.5-inch “True HD IPS” display. In other words, it’s the same technology Apple offers in the iPhone’s display (LG actually manufacturers displays for the iPhone), but bigger and with a higher resolution. With the display on the Nitro, you’re looking at a 1280×720 display packed into 4.5-inches, which equates to a screen density of 329 ppi. The 3 pixels the Nitro has over the iPhone aren’t going to make a difference when both devices sit next to each other on AT&T shelves, but the fact that a 4.5-inch Android phone’s display looks just as good as the iPhone’s will.

Of course there are other Android phones coming out with HD displays that also rock monster screen densities. The HTC Rezound with its SLCD display and the Galaxy Nexus with its Super AMOLED display will undoubtedly be the Nitro’s biggest competition. Going by display alone, which device sounds best to you? I’ve always loved the accuracy of IPS displays and the PenTile sub-pixel layout on the Galaxy Nexus may have a negative affect, so I can’t wait to get my hand on the Nitro.



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